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  1. Sorry just realized I never responded. No. No, that changes nothing. Same result. Again, this worked perfectly in the previous version and it works in the current version of Publisher, but it's broken in Designer and Photo.
  2. Sure. Everything not screenshotted is default settings. As of the current update I can only print borderless to 4x6 paper in Publisher. Both Designer and Photo print way off center like in the photo I sent in the original post.
  3. This is frustrating because it seems like this gets fixed and broken again every other update. When I print with my printer set to borderless printing at 4"x6", it prints the image extremely off center. This worked fine previously. This also doesn't work at various times in either Photo or Publisher. Please find a way to prevent this from occurring in the next update, as I rely on your software for making art prints!
  4. Not really a workaround. I'm trying to save myself the step of turning off and on layers to export, not add an extra step.
  5. Any update here? I just purchased affinity designer 2 and I'm getting this issue as well... Prints fine in any other software, but I want to use affinity to print it so I can use the correct color profiles.
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