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    Uvinnie got a reaction from jef2vec in Creating red hairline   
    I use Affinity apps to design work that I render on a laser. In order to cut images out I need to trace the outline with a red hairline. At the moment I do it in Corel Draw where the laser resides. It would save me a lot of steps/time/work if I could create the red hairline in one of the Affinity products. The ability to do this would also help make the case for getting the iPad version of Affinity P&D .
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    Uvinnie reacted to zorica3000 in Affinity Publisher Tutorials   
    . . . and you pointing out "failing" is a very negative approach to my post.
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    Uvinnie reacted to JimmyJack in Strange Line   
    If it's showing upon document creation... seems like you have one margin set. The left one at 1".
    Go to File > Document Setup > Margins Tab and uncheck "Include Margins". Or zero it out.
    For new documents make sure the margins are off on the original setup page.
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    Uvinnie got a reaction from RobertimIsp in Batch processing of effects   
    How do I batch process a set of images with all of the same effects?

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