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    Guidelines suggestions (

    Yes, this would be awesome as Panel with one list. Or in the Layerlist as a Special Group on Top. I use a Mac, but i need to review the Hotkeys anyway I would be then possible to get also guides that are not rectangular since all elements would be possible to use if it is in the Layerlist. Thanks for the reply.
  2. dasmurphy

    Guidelines suggestions (

    1. Would it be possible to get some how Guidelines as a List like the Layers? That would be awesome and it would be possible to show/hide them on demand. 2. I would like to see some Hotkeys to select the next/prev layer in the Layerlist. And may be an option key to go in sublayers/groups.
  3. Hey MEB, thanks for the warm welcome I'm longer here than some other people, but i'm not so active here... And thanks for your quick reply, not a problem at all. So no apologies needed, but any way i will accept it. I know there always may be some thing going under the radar. I'm myself in software development. If you got any info if it will be considered, please reply here That would be awesome to know if it will be implemented or not. Thanks for the help any way. Cheers, Torsten
  4. Hello, i'm wanted to ask if it is possible to add an option to add preserveAspectRatio="none" to the svg tag in an exported svg? I think it would be very easy to do for you, since you already have many options for svg export in the export. I wish it in Affinity Designer. This example topic shows it why i need it: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/19484707/how-can-i-make-an-svg-scale-with-its-parent-container I wish to scale svg without preserving the aspect ratio. Yes, i edited the files with hand and added the attribute there, but i will need it more often in future, so that an option would be perfect for me. Thanks and i will be waiting for a small reply :) Cheers, Torsten
  5. I just want to bump it, since i never got any reply here... I really would like this to be included in the next version. Thanks.
  6. dasmurphy

    Apple Color Emoji

    @Bill: You can use http://emojipedia.org/ to get your emoji's in good quality and embed them in your document as a workaround. I used this one time also. I works fine. Cheers, Torsten
  7. Just near the topic ;) Could you add Hotkey to show left panels and right panels. So hotkey that hides/shows all panels docked to the left and one for the right? That would be very helpful.
  8. Hi, i may be wrong, but i miss a hotkey preference for the "Toggle Assets Panel" function in Affinity Designer 1.5 Can anyone point me to a solution or is it really a bug? Cheers, Torsten
  9. Thanks Chris, this would be perfekt. I got a workaround working ;) Use the keyboard preferences of OSX.
  10. Hello, i got the problem that all artboards are correct aligned pixel based, but the export sizes are allmost 1px off to the values displayed. I created a demo file here with a small amount of artboard. I got many more in the real file. I think this is a bug. If you need a bigger file please tell me. All artboards are 815px x 1110px. Thanks for any hint what's wrong with it. Cheers, Torsten PS: I use Affinity Designer 1.4.1 from App Store - no beta currently. demothings3.afdesign
  11. dasmurphy

    Affinity Designer - Pixel Export PNG

    Thanks for the link MEB. Yes, it is always pressed. I often work with pixel oriented documents in Affinity Designer. I know this is a little bit strange, but Affinity Photo does not fit the profile ;) They are print documents with pixel and vector art. You can close this topic now if you wish and mark as double. Thanks for the help. I'm waiting for a bug fix. Keep it up and get the Affinity Publisher out soon. ;) The Affinity suite rocks. And you can use my document as a good example. Have a nice week, Torsten
  12. dasmurphy

    Affinity Designer - Pixel Export PNG

    Hi MEB, thanks for the welcome. Sorry, i did not find the original bug report so i thought i report it. Btw. The "Force Pixel Alignment" Button was already pressed. Anyway. Thanks. Cheers, Torsten
  13. I also vote +1 for "Gradient on Path" :) That's what i would need for perfect shadows in PDF/EPS export. Or please export/import shadows within SVG/PDF as Vector
  14. So i was today seeing a small bug. When you set the border size to 0pt and not to no border, the item gets a border. I think it should behave like no border or at least not visible border then. This is complete reproduceable. I attached a screenshot and the testfile. Cheers, Torsten test.afdesign