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  1. Why isn't this added in Affinity Designer? Why limit that to only Photo? I need it mainly for Designer.
  2. I don't see it in Affinity Designer. Why did you add it only in Affinity Photo (and Photo persona of Publisher)? I use only Designer, and it is not there.
  3. Can confirm that this issue happens, Windows 10 Designer V2 2.0.3. Just updated and cannot work due to this. I mean, guys, come on, to release a patch with such a glitch is just embarrassing. None of this happened in V1, I feel like V2 brings new things to the table but breaks a lot of previously established things. And I mean a lot. And new features are rarely useful due to the lack of things (like, for example, snapping to grid and guides in Mesh warping, making it impossible to be precise and pixel-perfect). I felt like before Affinity used to roll out features inspired by Adobe, but made better and more user-friendly. Now it's like they are in pre-production but are being added in official releases. Beginning to really wonder if buying V2 was a good decision.
  4. I would love the option to use "Mask to Below" through a shortcut. Simply add that to Miscellaneous shortcuts menu, and allow to set it to something. It's a real pain in the backside for to do it manually for like 10 objects in a grid.
  5. When I edited an object in Affinity Designer, it would show the outline indicator when on hover or recently selected, but in V2 these lines now stay all the time. It's not the stroke or anything, these lines are in V1 too, but they automatically disappear there, but stay visible in V2. Didn't find an option to disable that in options, so I figured it's a bug. But a very annoying one.
  6. 6 years later, and the slice tool is still pretty much useless. No snapping to grid or guides. No ability to create slices from rectangles without background and border for them to keep the slice's content, it just exports the hollow shape itself.
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