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  1. Hi Paolo, I got exactly what you displayed, and the Stroke Sheet from Walt. That's my first furchase of this sort and I didn't understand. Have a nice weekend 👋 Erika
  2. Thank's a lot! I never knew about LUTs before, but with your help, I got everything managed. @walt.farrell: I have the W&W files, how you described. I just don't know, why the names of the brushes I've got are different from the stroke sheet. But it's ok. Don't bother further. Thank's and greetings to my aides! Erika
  3. I found the solution for the LUTs. I downloaded the .zip-version and unziped. Now I have .cube-files which I can include in Affinity. I first downloaded the .afluts which don't work with Affinity. Does someone knows, why the names of Daubs W&W files differ? Best regards
  4. Hi Walt, thanks for your reply. I thought so too, but when I compare what I have and what's in the Stroke Sheet, it's a total different matter. I have: Daub W&W - Bristles: 128 Wide Fading Brush, 180 Flat Water Bristles, 180 Bleeding Water Bristle, 220 Flat Bristles Resist, 140 Water Trails, 200 Almost Gouache, 220 Wide Bristles, 64 Mellow Dynamic, 128 Broken Stuff, 64 Mellow Dry Here the first ones from the Stroke Sheet: Fine Dynamic Dilution, High Dilution, Wet and Soft, Medium Density, Fine to Spatter, Fading Water, Harsh Water Brush, Harsh Water Detailer and so on. Can't be the same? I downloaded the LUTs and unzipped them first, but then I activated them with my account. There was another download and the installation, but I can't find them with the adjustments .. Lut ... Best regards Erika
  5. I have to correct myself. I bought Daub brushes (Watercolor and Washes), but I can't find none from the Stroke Sheet that's listet in my Konto. I have some Daub W&W - Bristles, but that's from another purchase. Where can I find my purchased Items? Please help.
  6. I also bougt Overlays and the LUT's and installed them. With the Overlays and Brushes, I have no problem. But I can't use the LUT's. I know, where I stored them (Ivan-weiss-top-9-lut-pack.afluts) but when I go to adjustments - LUT - load Lut .... there is nothing to include. Affinity is only looking for *.3dl, *cc, *ccc. What's wrong here?
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