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  1. Ok. Good to know. I will brush up my note taking. Indeed, at least I can see the stroke which will help me track it down. Thanks.
  2. What I would find really usefull is being able to see what brush was used for a stroke. Can we allready see this? I am trying to find which brush was used on a stroke in AFD. I can select the stroke in the layers but it won't tell me which brush. I know I should have noted it but there...
  3. Hello, Just wondering if I should update while I am still with Catalina.
  4. So overlay works fine on the texture but once I drag it into my vector layer. Nothing. I am doing something wrong. I will start from scratch. Texture is dragged inside vector it is not on top. Layers 2 image.
  5. Hello, I imported a texture in AFD--> Pixel The texture is light white. My shape is made in AFD--> Vector When I drag my shape unto the texture it works fine for the texture but I lose my shape color (green). Recolorize works best at the moment. What is the best method for adding a texture to the shape and preserve the color of the shape and stroke width color control? In the process I lost the ability to manage my stroke.
  6. Thanks to you both. That's it. I have my own shortcut for duplicate layer. I wasn't using command+J That works.
  7. It is a pixel layer. I can copy the selection and paste it into another layer. I just have a memory of making a selection in a pixel layer and when I duplicate the layer only the selection is copied over to the new Layer. I might be wrong.
  8. I use to be able to make a selection and duplicate the layer. The new layer only had the selection part. Maybe I changed some setting but now I get the whole layer duplicated and not just the selection. Missing something ? Thanks
  9. I hadn't noticed I was still connected to my Affinity account. Disconnecting solved most of the problems. Might not be related but in any case. Solved 95 %. Thank you.
  10. Indeed there are some groups which expand. The go way beyond 2400 X 2400. I'm exporting different layers and some export fine. Others not. I found a workaround for now. Thanks for your help.
  11. No drop shadow. I am having all sorts of issues so it might be something else. First time all these problems pop-up!
  12. Sorry for that. On Mac: Catalina latest. For some reason I am having all sorts of problems that I didn't have before. I will erae all the preferences and see if that helps. I didn't change anything or added any software.
  13. When I select the zoom tool I can't select any other shortcuts afterwards. I am on a pen layer. Zoomed in to be more precise. Pressed P or A....Nothing. Pressed V...Nothing. I am stuck with the zoom tool. If I select the layer with the image then all my shortcuts work. It toggles between the last two. Is this a preferences option I should select? Question: Is it because I am on the pen layer? If so, it is not very practical if I have to jump back to my image layer to regain control of my shortcuts. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I am trying to export a simple shape. Document size: 2288 X 1287 Only one layer is selected. Only one object group is selected. When I export using selected object only it gives me 2400 X 2400.
  15. Thanks to all of you. Pretty basic...For some reason I wasn't looking at the right place. Mitre setting wasn"t good. Solved.
  16. Hello, Any reason why my triangle is not pointed in Affinity photo? I can do this in ADesigner. Thanks,
  17. Hello, Does anybody else have this issue: Shortcuts will work and then will not.
  18. Seem's to me that this should be resolved. A lock layer should not editable.
  19. I was wondering if there is a way of using this font with Affinity photo? The font works in professional design programs, e. g. in Adobe’s Creative Cloud design apps and all native Mac OS apps like Pages, Numbers, or Keynote. The color of words set in LiebeHeide cannot be changed in text editors, but with Photoshop filters. Please check the PDF brochure for more requirements to use the font. Thanks Link to font: https://liebefonts.com/fonts/liebeheide
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