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  1. Hi, how can i dissable the red thin border when drawing circles or rectangles in AD? Contour is set to none.
  2. Hi, update wheel is spinning around (ten minutes at the moment) and nothing happens. It doesn't seem to proceed... :(
  3. Hi, i tried to assign shortcuts "Strg+ +" and "Strg+ -" for layer to top and to bottom of the document. I have deleted these two working default shortcuts for zoom in/out before. "Strg+ -" works and puts the selected layer to the bottom, but typing "Strg+ +" doesn't move this one to top. I think, there might be a few problems with the german keyboard (keys) implementation in AD? The key "#" has also an (shift) " ' " on the same key, but it isn't recognized by AD in the shortcuts, although i accidentially saw both symbols together (what should be impossible?) in the shortcuts, but i don't know how i did it.... As an example, I succeeded with the following shortcuts for top "#" and bottom "Strg+ #". When i switch the keyboard layout to ENG, AD is aware of it and is showing different shortcuts: "/" and "Strg+ /" and both are doing the job.
  4. Hi, is there a tool in AD to fade, repeat two Objects? In Corel German, the tool is called "Überblendung"
  5. it would be nice, when double clicking on a gradient spot handle opens the color gradient editor
  6. Hi, i didn´t find an option to create own shortcuts...
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