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  1. Hi, i defined the <--- and ---> keys (not the arrows on 4 and 6 keys in the num pad! they work) for rotating the view/canvas counterclockwise and clockwise, but there is no effect. I then defined 9 and accidentally saw in the protokoll that 9 is used (Globale Deckkraft festlegen) but i didn't get an alert, when i entered 9... Anyway, i think Designer should also accept this left and right key shortcuts as shortcuts for rotating the canvas, as many other graphic apps do.
  2. Hi, is it possible in Designer to attach several objects to a path like it is possible with text?
  3. ++1 für dieses Feature. würde ich auch sehr gerne haben!
  4. Hi, how can i dissable the red thin border when drawing circles or rectangles in AD? Contour is set to none.
  5. Hi, is there a tool in AD to fade, repeat two Objects? In Corel German, the tool is called "Überblendung"
  6. it would be nice, when double clicking on a gradient spot handle opens the color gradient editor
  7. Hi, i didn´t find an option to create own shortcuts...
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