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  1. Strange, my first attempt worked but now when I apply the new style it removes the italics. It will be every time consuming to even use the right column since I have to make several clicks to do as you show, every time I select a few paragraphs. There are different formatting, such as footnotes, so I cannot just select an entire chapter. I must select a few paragraphs at a time and do that over and over again.


  2. Thanks, I tried that and the italics remained but other elements like the font was not the same, I don't know why but when I choose body in the drop down menu from above it has a different font from the body that I find in the right-hand column under styles.

    But I think I found a work-around, I found that if I created a new style from the default no style that appears after a paste that it keeps the formatting. Strange.

  3. I am giving this program another try after my first failed start. But it seems that when I copy text from a Word document that it becomes "no style" with Times Roman and only basic paragraph formatting applied. When I change it to "Body" text which has different parameters, all the words that were italicized in the pasted text becomes normal again.

    When you are dealing with a nonfiction BOOK it can be a lot of work to go and change every word that needs to be corrected. But if I leave it the way it is pasted there is no hyphenation. It looks like I will have to use it that way.

    Any suggestions??

  4. I has nothing to do with visual or non, it has to do with quick and easy work. If I have to make several clicks instead of one, I choose the one. Why make me click then click again when all you have to do is show the stupid style in the box? This makes it more time consuming and troublesome. But the issue of losing 350 pages is the deal-breaker. I will not risk it again. Perhaps in a few years after many updates.

  5. Yes I saved the file, but I did not save it as a different file. I found MS Publisher online free, since I had previously purchased 2013 but lost the code. I would likely be prevented from using it anyway, because greedy corps expect you to buy it again when your PC wears out and you get a new one. Freaking greedy lunatics. Good thing people are able to crack them.

    I am already almost 1/3rd finished with the book with much less frustration. Going faster than with Affinity but will have to do the TOC and Index manually.

    So many bugs with Affinity. Maybe in 5 years it will be usable. I especially hated that it would continually hide a Style inside another style. I had to look for it a lot before I finally found it, and then I had to continually click the main style to get the nested style to show up again, and again, and again. This program is just not ready for prime time.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Old Bruce said:

    This won't help you with recovering but it may help someone else without a crashed document.

    At that point you should have started looking at the history panel to see what was done.

    I thought it only showed what I did, but I get your point. It might have showed something. I was looking for the exact point that the text disappeared but then it froze.

  7. I completely laid out a 350 page nonfiction book with lots of quotes and images. Then I added a couple of pages near the start and inserted a TOC. Once I was finished formatting the TOC I noticed that ALL THE BOOK TEXT had disappeared. All the pages and images were still there.

    I held down the Ctrl +Z and watched and at some point all the text reappear. So I did not want to redo the TOC and was trying to different things and it froze and crashed and now when I open it I am back to the full TOC with no text.

    HELP! It took DAYS OF WORK to format. If I cannot recover the text I AM DONE WITH THIS PROGRAM and will buy MS Publisher. I never had this kind of issue with MSP.

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