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  1. +1 for the gutters. I was kinda shocked to see they did not exist. I can set an inner margin on a master page but it would be nicer to just have that as part of the initial document setup. It just makes more sense there. The only advantage I can see to doing that in master pages is having images or backgrounds spanning 2 pages through the gutter. However, if I understand this correctly, the margins are just guides anyway and do not prevent anything crossing them. Maybe it is just my inexperience but gutters are generally going to be in the same place across the entire document for anything published correct? I guess the exception is the cover and rear page?

  2. I recently discovered the feature where you take a PDF and import it resulting in a multi-layered, editable series of images. Breaking the PDF into shapes and text is way beyond what I expected. However I noticed that consistently the apostrophe (') was turned into a quotation mark(") in the documents that I have imported. Is there any way this can be fixed?


    Also, is there any way we can force the app to attempt to break an image down in this way? I would love to be able to take a low-res logo and use this feature to make it into a series of shapes so that I can make it scaleable. 

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