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  1. For some reason the ability to change the number of rows and columns showed up for me this time.
  2. Agreed. But few betas are likely to have a statistically significant sample size. This is more about getting different perspectives from potential users rather than just having the devs in their own echo chamber. To that end I prefer to have the differing opinions if only for the perspective sake. There is not one right way to do this and calling others out in any direction only serves to drive away potential users and weakens the whole process. Personally I trust Serif enough, after the previous products, to look at the feedback and to make a great product. It may not be perfect at launch and everyone will have something they wish was different but I cannot wait to see what it looks like and they already have my money set aside. lol My initial gut reaction to the margins was the same as yours @R C-R but the more I work with this the more I believe that the master pages is the way to go. If nothing else it makes the place to edit the margins much more visible. Maybe the better solution here is to create a master page if "Include Margins" is selected but to leave it out if no margins are set. I wish to Serif that changing the number of columns and rows in a table after it is initially created existed. It might but I sure cannot find it. That is for a different post though. lol This ability was not showing last time I opened the app but is this time. BTW I appreciate everyone on here, especially those with more experience than me, for helping to make this thing better.
  3. I guess the real question is should the margins and gutters be part of the master pages or the document setup. I see where having them as part of the master pages is useful but it certainly confused me as someone that is not in the publishing industry. I expected that as part of the new document dialogue. I can see where too many choices in that dialogue could be intimidating but when you look at the three currently there is not that much added to the publisher dialog. As to creating a master page when the document opens, I certainly do not think it will bother someone that is coming in and creating a simple document. Like MikeW said, they can always just collapse that pane. Anyone getting this app is likely to either be in the business or at least a hobbyist. Creating a master page might even help get a newbie used to the idea that it exists and introduce to them to how powerful it can be. It is one of the reasons I am involved in this beta. I would like to make professional looking educational materials with a consistent design language. Seeing that it is non functioning was a fairly big disappointment, but it is not my first beta and I trust these guys to get there. :-) To me the logical move here would be to add a gutter option with the margin settings to the initial New Document dialog and then create a master page based on it. Other masters can be added from there. For the casual user, or someone just making a simple document there is no need to mess anymore with the master and if they choose no margins then they get a blank page anyway. For the more complex layout, the first master is made so one step is done.
  4. I am guessing that this answers my problem so I will not make a new post but simply verify that here. I was trying to make a gutter by adding custom margins to a master sheet but when I applied the master to the pages the margins did not show up. I looked in the menu and "Show Margins" is checked. If I am reading this correctly however the devs are still deciding if that(margins/gutters) is going to be part of the master pages system, the document setup, or even a super master page? In the mean time there simply is no way to do this other that using guides as margins? Personally I would be happy to see margins and gutters be in the "Document Setup" area. The drawback I suppose would be any change in the margins for the covers depending on what is being published and how it is bound. Master Pages: Spread Properties: Applied Master: View Menu:
  5. With Mojave came Dark Mode and all is right with the world... except for a few pixels when in full screen. When I go up to the menu bar at the top of the screen the close and maximize buttons appear on a grey background as opposed to the rest of the bar which is the nice dark grey of the rest of the UI. Most other apps, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer included, use the standard grey bar all the way across in full screen mode. Obviously the bar needs to be consistent all the way through but is there any chance we can get it dark grey all the way through similar windowed mode and for all three apps?
  6. +1 for the gutters. I was kinda shocked to see they did not exist. I can set an inner margin on a master page but it would be nicer to just have that as part of the initial document setup. It just makes more sense there. The only advantage I can see to doing that in master pages is having images or backgrounds spanning 2 pages through the gutter. However, if I understand this correctly, the margins are just guides anyway and do not prevent anything crossing them. Maybe it is just my inexperience but gutters are generally going to be in the same place across the entire document for anything published correct? I guess the exception is the cover and rear page?
  7. Congratulations and let me add my hope for Affinity Designer on the iPad soon. I also really want to see a good Digital Asset Manager. Photos does not cut it and why use Lightroom if I am going to edit with Affinity Photo?
  8. It cannot come fast enough for me. Photos is a joke if you want to export and edit anything. Aperture is depreciated and now broken. Lightroom is needlessly expensive and bloated. Given what you guys have done with Photo and Designer I cannot wait to see what you do with a Lightroom competitor.
  9. I am not sure if this is a true bug or if a UI problem is considered something different but when resizing a canvas or document you have to just know which box is for hight and width. These really need to be labeled even if it is just a X/Y or H/W before each box.
  10. I recently discovered the feature where you take a PDF and import it resulting in a multi-layered, editable series of images. Breaking the PDF into shapes and text is way beyond what I expected. However I noticed that consistently the apostrophe (') was turned into a quotation mark(") in the documents that I have imported. Is there any way this can be fixed? Also, is there any way we can force the app to attempt to break an image down in this way? I would love to be able to take a low-res logo and use this feature to make it into a series of shapes so that I can make it scaleable.
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