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  1. This has also been an issue for me when trying to draw irregular shapes which I don’t want with a stroke and I haven’t decided on a fill yet. I would really love to be able to see the path before having to commit to a fill, or using a stoke only to have to remove it later. Both just mess up my work flow and make for a clunky interface experience.
  2. Hello? I also very much want this feature. While I do have the desktop version (and the other affinity properties, photo and publisher) I spend the vast majority of my time on my iPad. I’m super glad to have an option that isn’t Adobe, at the same time, having features like uploading palettes is pretty important too. A little help here please.
  3. OMG Yes, I want this so much. I use a lot of different brushes and it’s such a pain to change brushes and then realize you need to go back, but you can’t remember which brush you just navigated away from. It’s even worse when you come back to a project after a day or two. This would be a huge help.
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