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  1. Siggaard

    Linux. Seriously now.

    I don't know if it would be profitable to make a linux version. (Perhaps not) I own both apps for Windows and Mac, and I would probably buy it for Linux too. As a fullstack webdeveloper I use Linux a lot in my workflow (as server and in vagrant), but Linux needs a good graphics suite in order to be my primary OS. Windows needs better commandline tools (WSL is still not there IMHO), and Mac's are very expensive.
  2. Thanks for making such great tools. When I use the SVGs (with raster) i made with AD on a website. I see that most browsers get the wrong raster layer. Thats because the base64 encoded raster image gets the same ID in all the images ("_Image1") exported from AD. To fix this I manually open the file in a texteditor and rename the image id and use-tag xlink:href to some random text instead. It would be great if the ID was random (or the image layer name) in the web export output. I know this is a very specific case and the browsers will perhaps get this right in some near future. But it could be a great feature anyways... Hope it makes sense. :-)
  3. When I want to resize image in AP with the CMD+ALT+I shortcut the program tries to justify text left. Are there any way to change the keymapping manually?
  4. Thanks for your help and explanation, Matt. :-) Have a nice weekend
  5. Hi, First of all thanks for making such awesome products. Love it!! Im slowly trying to replace my old Adobe suite with Affinity D and P. Today I ran into something I dont understand. I tried to remove some hidden layers from a SVG made with Adobe Illustrator and export it again with Affinity Designer. The file size went from 14kB to 524kB with standard settings. Im not sure why the filesize would change that much. Are there any settings did not see? There is no raster in the file. When i look in the SVG file, I see a lot more polygons. Are there any way to lower the polygon count? The source material did not have that much polygons. I uploaded both files. Just wanted to let you know. Source.svg Affinity.svg

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