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  1. Hi Chris Thanks - seems to be much better with the RAW engine set to Apple. Histogram looks as it does on the camera now. Thanks Richard
  2. Hi For the last couple of months when I'm opening RAW files in Affinity Photo, the histogram which looks fine on camera is being 'crunched' to the left and therefore the image is seriously underexposed. Attached are two jpegs showing the histogram on the camera and on the mac when opened in Affinity Photo. (version 1.5.2). The RAW file is too big to attach. I got someone to open the raw file in Elements and it was fine so I don't think this is a camera issue. <EDIT> Should have said - this is happening with all my images - not just this one, Any ideas please? Thanks Richard
  3. Hi MEB Thanks for the advice - I'll give that filter and mask a try when I'm back home tomorrow night. Thanks Watter5
  4. Hi all Can anyone give me advice on the best way to blend the hard edge that I've got in this R-P shot I'm working on please? I'm trying to make the circle look less like it has the really hard line and contrast / colour change at the lower vertical part of the image. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! (Attached a jpeg version as the AP file is too big...) Thanks Watter5
  5. Thanks Lee for the quick response and the useful info. Yes exporting to another format is an option but not ideal if I do some work on a photo and then leave it for another day to finish off... still need to be in the Affinity format. Look forward to the news on the Digital Asset Management app in the future. Affinity Photo is such a great app - thanks for all the work that goes into it. For my needs it's perfect! Thanks Watter5
  6. Think I just answered my own question... ViewNX-i supports the following file formats. Image file NEF or NRW format RAW images (extension: .nef/.nrw) For restrictions on displaying a RAW image in ViewNX-i, refer to "Notes on displaying RAW images" below. JPEG (extension: .jpg) Exif 2.2 or 2.3 compliant JPEG images. Only RGB mode is supported. CMYK mode and JPEG 2000 are not supported. TIFF (extension: .tif / .tiff) Only RGB mode is supported. CMYK mode is not supported. For image adjustments, supports only uncompressed or LZW compressed TIFF files. MPO (extension: .mpo)
  7. Hi Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere - a search didn't find anything. I use Nikon ViewNX-I to browse Raw files downloaded from the camera and then edit them in Affinity Photo. Once saved they have the .afphoto extension on the filename. Once the image has been saved after editing, it's not possible to see the edited image in ViewNX-I. I'm guessing that the file type is not recognised by that app? (I had the same situation when I was using Adobe Bridge). Is there a way to get ViewNX-I to recognise the edited images - or is this really a question that should go to Nikon and Adobe? Would just make workflow easier for search etc to be able to use ViewNX-I or Bridge for all photos - not just RAW and JPEG... Thanks for any advice. Watter5
  8. Well done all - thoroughly deserved. I've been evangelising at my camera club to get everyone on board with this great app. Congratulations and Merry Christmas!
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