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  1. Sadly everything is back to the new "normal". I opened the file on Saturday and worked in it. No problem. I opened the file right now again to continue working. First saving process took a tick too long. Why you might ask. It's just because the file size is rising again. I will try to repeat the workaround. But come on Serif. Fix this for good!!!!!!
  2. For now. I'm still working on this document, and the size still is under 20 MB. I did every step before, but not all together.
  3. Thank you for your quick response! @PÅ¡enda indeed I tried Save As, but the problem remained. @thomaso, @MikeTO, I don't think you can blame the M1 machine or the operating system for this. I still can use AfPup 1.9.3 in this environment and then I have no problems with linked images. But AfPup 1.10.5 runs much smoother. But hang on, I also followed your other advices. Quick info to the documents that make my life difficult since AfPup passed 1.9.3. I started making photo books a while ago. For every year from 2011 when we started a family. Glad I finally got started before I can't keep up. (Yes, photo books AND children!) I'm already working on the photo book 2019. 132 pages, about 750 pictures, mostly JPGs, some PNGs. The document is CMYK, 300dpi. Hardly text, just page numbers. So I tried all your advices and what can I say, for now it's working! Yes @Old Bruce, I checked the box 'Save History with Document', saved and closed the document, reopened it and unchecked 'Save History with Document'. Than I embedded all images, saved, closed, reopened and linked them again and saved as new file. Puh. For now the file size stays under 20 MB and I'm working with it for two hours now. Fingers crossed. So thanks a lot guys!
  4. @Old Bruce thanks for the tip, but 'Safe History with Document' has been unchecked already. By the way, document size with embedded pictures is 1,2 GB. Size with linked images is 12,1 MB. But working in the document with linked images rises the size up to 6 GB and keeps growing! In Publisher 1.9.3 there has been no problems with linked images. So it used to work! Unfortunately not anymore. It's so annoying.
  5. @Mike editor, this workaround does not last for ever though. Have you tried to edit this document again, safe and check file size? The document size increases with each edit again. At least that's the case for me. How about you? MacBook Air, M1, afpub 1.10.5
  6. This workaround was the first suggestion I found in the forum and of course I tried. Unfortunately it doesn't really work. When I start working in this document again, the bug returns, the document size increases again. So I continue to use Publisher 1.9.3, I don't have this annoying behavior there. Please make it work again in a current version!
  7. I can't upload customer data, sorry. But you can reproduce this behavior easily to confirm this issue. Just create a Publisher document with multiple pages and place a couple of linked images. The images are shot with an iPhone or a DSLR, all normal sized JPGs about 2 to 10 MB. Maybe at first the document size is as small as it should be with linked images. Then reopen the file and move the images around and save again. As more often you safe, the document size increases. Regardless of whether you add new photos or not.
  8. From Affinity Publisher 1.10.0 to 1.10.5 linked images cause the file size to explode. A catalogue with 120 pages and 600 linked images had about 20 MB up to Publisher 1.9.3. However since 1.10.0 the file size increases above 5 GB. All workarounds don't last for long. So I'm stuck to 1.9.3 where the links are still working. I was looking for today's update, but it still has this annoying bug. Please fix it finally. Thank you. I work with MacBook Air M1 16GB RAM and macOS Big Sur 11.6.4.
  9. Publisher 1.10.5 still has this issue! If you want your links to work, you have to stay with 1.9.3 Come on Serif, fix this!
  10. Unfortunately the workaround did not work long for me (MacBook Air M1). So I downgraded to the last Version, which has not this linking problem. You can find Publisher 1.9.3 (Universal) for Mac on Serif website. This version can open and edit Publisher-documents created with 1.10.x. So far I haven't found any problems. I'll stick with 1.9.3 until Serif fixes this annoying issue in the current version. Btw: You can skip Beta, it still has the linking problem.
  11. @DWright Publisher 1.9.3 has already been an universal app. The links are working on M1 Mac with this old version of Publisher. Update: Here you can find Publisher 1.9.3 (Universal) for Mac on Serif website.
  12. First I tried 1.10.5 Beta, same trouble. Then I got 1.10.1 from my old MacBook. Same problem. Then Publisher 1.9.3 from backup. Scrolling in this version is not so smooth, but the linking is working. I can edit the document and safe as often I want. So far it has not crashed and the file size with about 600 linked pictures stays around 20 MB.
  13. Please fix the linking-problem in Publisher! It's still not working with Beta My document gets bigger than 5GB even though I linked all the images and they shouldn't be embedded. The resource manager also shows them linked. This worked much better in previous versions! (MacBook Air M1) Update: For now I went back to Publisher 1.9.3 till Serif fixes this problem.
  14. Unfortunately, if I move one picture and safe the document it's almost 1GB again. I hope Serif fixes this problem soon. It's not so new I learned today... And it worked before.
  15. Thank you @MikeTO! When I embedded the pictures, the document size shrank from 5 GB to 2,15 GB. After linking, the document is now 18,2 MB and smooth as a charm again. THANKS A LOT!!!
  16. Publisher file with 92 pages and about 600 images. Pictures imported via File > Place... and choosing "Photos" (Database from Apples Photos App). The 2016 file size is 20,5 MB, created on a MacBook Pro from 2012 with Affinity Publisher and macOS Mojave. All pictures linked. Working just fine. Now on my MacBook Air M1 from 2020 (16GB RAM), new project, same pagination, also about 600 images, imported via File > Place... and choosing "Photos" (Database from Apples Photos App), linking chosen! But - first unnoticed - the file size grew up to 5GB. Now I can no longer continue working on the document. I can open it, but Publisher keeps crashing when I try to work in the document. Only now I have discovered the gigantic file size and noticed that something must be wrong with linking. Affinity Publisher has permission to access the Apple Photo database in the security settings. Does anyone know this problem? Any suggestions?
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