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  1. Hi Folks, Newbie over here again so humour me a bit.... I am trying to create a ribbon type affect that swirls upwards, it needs to have a varying thickness at certain sections and also needs to have breaks inserted in it at specific sections to allow for another object to be inserted. Any ideas what the best way would be to go about creating this? Thanks Mark
  2. Hi MEB, Thank you for the reply. Being as I am a SUPER newbie could you just explain what you mean by clipping layers please? Thanks Mark
  3. Hi Callum , Thank you for the quick reply I will try that, the effect I am after is similar to the attached... but obviously I will require the breaks. Do you think your suggestions will do the trick?
  4. In relation to my last post.... To give you an idea the effect I am looking for is similar to the ribbon shape in the attached image, but obviously with breaks in between the ribbon.
  5. I have a questions which sort of tags on to this... I am trying to create a ribbon type effect that spirals upwards (Or downwards depending on which way you look at it :P ). This ribbon will need to have varying width as it rises upwards and will also need to have breaks in it for me to insert another image in between the breaks. What would be the best way to create the ribbon ?
  6. Thats perfect, thanks so much and thank you for the video. So simple now that I know how. Thanks again
  7. I'm a total newbie to this so please don't laugh to loud when you hear my question. I have a rectangle in my design that I need but I need to round the upper left and right corners but leave the bottom two corners at 90 degrees. how do I go about this?... and commence laughing.
  8. Hi Folks, Firstly I apologise if I have posted this in the wrong place but I'm a new member and just getting to know the forum. I'm new to design and studying with a view to a carrier change. Affinity designer is my first experience with vector graphics etc so I most definitely a "newbie". So here's my problem... I am designing a bespoke childrens bedroom wallpaper and it is a simple design but has a repeating pattern throughout. What would be the best way to go about creating this in Affinity designer? The design principle is a flat dove on a small coloured square background and then this repeats over and over with the colour of the square changing in a repeating pattern. Any suggestions on how to replicate the pattern but with different coloured squares would be greatly appreciated. As I said, I'm new to this world so please be kind. Thanks Mark