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    amadeus got a reaction from A_B_C in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    Years ago we had coloured icons on mac, then grey icons on a light grey background. It's maybe very "digital" but my eyes, as all human eyes, react sluggishly to differences in brightness. But not regarding colors.
    This is the trick which was used for PAL system (on TV) in comparison to NTSC. The phase shift, which result in changing colors is the result of NTSC an people realise some color differences, when faces become mauve or lila. The PAL system replace the phase shift in luminance difference, because the human eye react tardy for luminance differences.
    Reducing the distinction at luminance differences (means brightness) will keep the brain working hard, which result in tiredness.
    I don't understand how a professional tool like Affinity Designer (which is mostly used from professionals) offer a such GUI!
    Please, please, offer a brighter GUI or configurable!
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    amadeus reacted to Sal@ in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    I agree 100%
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    amadeus reacted to Raskolnikov in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    I can't understand why do some designers do not attent to just a possibility or optional way of having the color in the interface when a dark mode can't be seen well by some people.
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    amadeus reacted to dag_klingstedt in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    I would like to add my voice to this request. I'm having substantial problems with "light grey on black" interface design. The contrast is just not very good. In a brightly lit room, as the one I work in, it is rather difficult to use and it induces headaches after a while.
    I have the same problem with Pixelmator. I hope you will be different than the Pixelmator team, which absolutely refuses to offer the possibility of customising the UI colour scheme. There are graphic professionals in their 50s and 60s who might not have the eyes of our younger colleagues. Please consider our needs, too. Thank you!
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    amadeus reacted to DeepShader in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    ..and a lighter background with a dark UI is a nightmare for working!
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    amadeus reacted to DeepShader in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    Yes, I know this - but this is not enough - there are not that big different with the gamma-slider x__x
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    amadeus reacted to DeepShader in Add a Lighter/Brighter UI-mode (implemented)   
    Hi there,
    I'd like to see a lighter/brighter mode for the whole UI. Sometimes it's much better to work in a lighter/brighter UI as in a dark mode (which I also like much!).
    I think your UI is a lil bit to dark. I like more the dark-look of the native Apple Pro Apps. It feels a lil bit better :)
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