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  1. So, I got a little follow up, and maybe some clarification? for you Dan. I usually work on a Surface Book2 with its British layout, but Windows keeps adding occasional more keyboard layouts into my selection, sometimes pretty randomly (HK, Irish, US). Out of curiosity I connected a Logitech MX Keys which I usually use for 3D stuff with its NumPad, and Windows then decided upon British US International, which moved all my CTRL+Alt commands to Alt GR, but also enabled Alt GR+S=ß. Count me in as maximum confused, the moment I disconnect the MX Keys, the laptop switches back to CTRL+Alt scheme. Not sure this helps in any way for future questions along the way, but the way Windows handles layout choices with next to no notification seems to play into this. Cheers
  2. Hey Dan, this is not really an option, as it takes away a major set of different characters in my usage, including the euro sign, umlaute, and other stuff. At this moment I'm mostly covered by the autocorrect option of putting my s into brackets. [s] is an acceptable workaround for the time being.
  3. This actually seems a very good workaround idea, thanks man, I will set it up tomorrow morning
  4. Seems we get somewhere closer, tried it with Arial, Chalet, Avenir LT Std, Calibri, Century Gothic, Helvetica Neue, GeoSlab703 Md BT. Basically went through some random ones as I suspected missing characters in the fonts, but works by copy and paste or per glyph table.
  5. I switched from German to British layout a few years ago working abroad, and now I'm stuck with it (also due to hardware layout). Actually used to painstakingly copy and paste individual characters or memorize the German layout "blind" on my keyboard for certain letters, till I discovered some of them by accident, and the special stuff like the € sign (ctrl+alt+5) by looking at my Surface virtual keyboard. I am grateful to all of you guys for your input, but everything exceeding three in a row pushed keys at my fingertips seems less than ideal. No hard feelings for Serif, just really wanna understand the reason why 🤔
  6. Thank you for your fast reply Walt! I am working on a laptop, and neither do I have a numpad, nor do I see this as an alternative. I am interested in understanding why the standard input I am used to from virtually any other software does not work in this case for no apparent reason. Maybe there is a hidden function preventing this for a (good?) reason, my brain needs clarification here If this is an unnoticed or overlooked missing feature, I am happy to make Serif aware of it to ease the pain for other users facing the same big question marks in front of their inner eyes.
  7. Hello Affinity team, I use my Windows Laptop in a dual language setup with British English keyboard layout and English system, but secondary German language for occasional work in that language. Under normal conditions I am able to use almost exclusively the British layout, which is a huge time saver and comfort factor for my muscle memory, special characters like the Umlaute ä, ö, etc... can be written by "+vowel, and usually the sharp s, the ß, can be written by ctrl+alt+s, however this does not seem to work for publisher. Now I can either have the glyphes table open at all times, or manually switch to the German input layout via windows+space bar, both are less than optimal solutions. I was not able to find any function mapped to those keys and wonder, if it's possible to activate the standard British English keyboard hot key to give me back this letter while typing otherwise just fine. On a side note: It would be favorable to have a complete list of all hot keys to scroll through, additional to the topic related overviews. This would make tracking down a certain key combination a bit easier Thanks in advance for your time Matze
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