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  1. Hi Eddie, greetings and thnx for informing us. … for me the Promo Code: "IDMSE" doesn't work! Greetings Tobi
  2. Hi Affinity-Team, greetings. I don't like the spread menu managing of Affinity Suite. I think it is time for a central managing-menu to visible / hide the different menus. Most software i use have such a central organization (as a kind of industry standard) but not Affinity. A big yes for that! … if we find menus faster, we are faster completing our work and have more free time! A big yes for free time too! Greetings from Germany Tobi
  3. Hi, big yes for a public roadmap! Why? Because it's a emotional thing, to have something to look forward to! Excamples: Vectorworks: https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap Twinmotion https://portal.productboard.com/epicgames/3-twinmotion-public-roadmap/tabs/6-released Greetings from Germany Tobi
  4. Hi Affinity-Team, Greetings and wish you a Happy New Year. I worked since many years with the Adobe Suite and i switched in 2021 to Affinity. One of my biggest problems with Affinity is the design of the layermenu! If i compare the Adobe layermenu with the Affinity layermenu, i think Adobe has overall the better and more logic UI-design. Here are my thoughts: - Adobe menu looks for more cleaned up and it is better to read and more understandable. - Why is menu for visible / hide on the right side in Affinity? It should be on the left side! - For visible / hide it would be better to have an "eye" as symbol instead of a checkmark - You only can lock layers in top right (a symbol appears), if you unlock layers the symbol disappears!? Please make a extra column for lock / unlock. Best place would be after visible / hide menu on the right side. - The Adobe menu offers a option to easily move objects from layer to layer. Please such a functionality for the Affinity menu. - Visually it is not so good to see which layer is active at the moment in the Affinity menu. Adobe offers a pen-symbol for this. - The overview of the hierarchie and the layercolor is also visually better / readable with the Adobe menu. The priority for the layermenu should be (my 2-cents): 1. active layer 2. visible / hide 3. lock / unlock 4. layer color 5. layer name with hierarchie 6. option to move objects from layer to layer Switching on/off layers or lock/unlock them is done more often, then rename layers, so the menus for these switches should have a higher priority! I think, no one has to reinvent the wheel, why not copy well functioning menu designs! Greeting from Germany Tobi
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