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    Chroma reacted to BlueFrog in Ability to set default view in Affinity Photo (100%, fit to screen etc.)   
    Another Mac user here. Is this feature coming to the Mac version anytime soon? I do not see it in the latest version 1.10.6.
    Could you please also answer questions from the Chroma's post above?
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    Chroma got a reaction from Pšenda in Creating a "Stroke" outline   
    Thanks to both of you. It worked great! It was very cool to see that if I wanted to draw more outlines in the same photo I could just select a shape, and the stroke width and transparent (none) fill was already in place. Very nice!!
    Adjusting/changing years worth of workflow from Photoshop is tricky, but of course doable if one perseveres. I'm sure there are many people in this forum who have gone from Photoshop to Affinity Photo (and never looked back). This is probably worth starting a new thread about though, and I'm going to see if there have already been threads written on the subject.
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