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  1. Oh, and thanks v_kyr for the reference to the third party 'manual'. Those types of things have always been handy as well.
  2. Walt's answer works for me. That table of contents reveals the 'manual' to the extent one exists, and will probably work well enough for my needs. I'd still love it if there were a way to get the whole thing down as a PDF, but I can work with this as is. Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks for your reply DWright. Ok, so here i am in the app. I want to select part of a layer and cut it. How do I do that? Hm, let's ask the 'help' function... Q: "How to clip a layer?" A: "Layer clipping. Clipping involves masking part of a layer by placing it inside another layer." Ok, let's try again: Q: "How to select part of a layer" Which one of these is going to help me? It's not "cloning and healing", "refining the pixel selection", "exporting using Export..." The problem is that I'm dependent on your search engine's ability to parse what I mean, which it's clearly not very good at doing. Probably I'm using the wrong terminology for your program. But that's the point: that's who a manual is for: someone who doesn't already know the ins and outs of your software. If I had manual, I'd either go to the contents and browse until I spotted something that looked close to what I wanted, or maybe I'd just fan the pages until my eye spotted the exact thing I was looking for. I know, you're going to tell me that's 'old fashioned'. But it's fast and it WORKS and your solution doesn't. Thanks anyway.
  4. Where is the MANUAL for the software? All these tutorials take forever to watch through to find the simplest information. It's infuriating. Software used to come with manuals. Why is that no longer a thing?
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