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  1. Hi thomaso, Are you sure you did not get these images switched around? I would expect the sharper and grainier from the Preview and the blurier and smoother from the AP jpeg. How did you make these closeups? Regards, Irving
  2. Hi thomaso, On my iMac 2017 is an app called Preview. It may use the same screenshot method but it also has a export feature. Not sure which are apples and which are pears, but the Preview version looks sharper, similar to the AP file. The smaller file size gives the sharpest result in this case. Does the preview version look sharper to you? Regards, Irving
  3. Hi @stokerg, Matching the dimensional size on the screen of the jpeg Preview does not change the quality. Not sure I understand what you are saying about the exported size. The main thing is that the Preview route gives a much better jpeg image, which best corresponds to the original AP. Here are the jpegs again redone. Notice the AP jpeg is 42mb, the Preview jpg 1.6mb and the original afphoto is 230mb. Why so many mb in the AP jpeg for a poorer image?. Do you see the differences? Thanks and regards, Irving
  4. Hello Psenda, There was no denoising. The first smaller image was exported with APv1. The second larger image was screenshot copied with Preview on iMac and then exported with Preview as a jpeg. This image looks to me much more like the original on the AP screen than the smaller image. Both were 100% jpeg quality. Thanks for your help, Irving
  5. @stokerg Hi, The file is 250mb. Can you give me a box to download it? There is a large difference but why should that be? I have seen it often before. Thanks, Irving
  6. The result from Preview is much more like the AP original.
  7. Hi folks, I always find that when I make a screenshot with Preview on Mac and then a jpeg that I always get better results than when I make a jpeg export from APv1. Here is an example with the moon. Incidentally, I always get best results from a single shot than when stacking (not astro) 5 or so shots. The sizes are different but I think you can see the jpg differences. Thanks and regards, Irving
  8. @Lee D You were going to ask your stacking experts. Any word yet from them? Thanks and regards, Irving
  9. That is all a bit much. For me the Preview>screenshot>export is the solution if the AP jpg export is poor. Many thanks for your help, Irving
  10. Hi NMF, They were both 100%. The larger file is from an AP export, the smaller from a screenshot with Preview. This was best, but cannot be really seen here. Thanks and regards, Irving
  11. @Lee_T Hi, Here is a related problem regarding the quality of exported jpgs. I am adding two jpgs, one exported from AP and one obtained using Preview on my iMac to make a screenshot and exporting this, which gives a much better result. Thanks for your help, Irving PS the original afphoto file is 303MB
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