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  1. Hi folks. I had trouble stacking 200 30s startrail photos so I took two parts (earliest and latest) of 100 tiffs each. I have stacked, merged visible and edited both. Now I want to copy and paste one on top the other, so as to combine them. After pasting I can line them up by adjusting the opacity but this does not give the result I want. Seems like I need to eliminate the background sky on one. But how? Help please with this. Thanks, Irving
  2. I did not expect anything but was just experimenting. It was set on median, same settings. What would you expect in this case? Thanks Irving
  3. Hi folks, I have taken 5 mountain shots on a tripod and wonder if stacking could improve the result. It seems it does not. A single frame is always sharpest. I have experienced this also with moon shots. Maybe with good lighting conditions this is always true. Could be different with very dim objects. Thanks for your help.
  4. Hi folks, I made a screenshot video of how to use Affinity Photo for making star trails, according to JR's instructions. Here it is on Youtube https://youtu.be/7jfDtxcYZ-A The result below was made with the same camera-intervalometer setup but using 200 30s shots with 5s pauses. Editing used adjustment layers for brightness-contrast, color selection and HSL.
  5. Following the recipe of our own J.R., found here https://affinityspotlight.com/article/shooting-series-1-polaris-star-trails/ , I was happy to be able to come up with this result. Used here was a Canon 1100D, 50mm f1.8 lens, intervalometer (about 10 from our Chinese friends) set to 30s bulb and 10s pause. 50 photos made. Affinity really brought out some nice colors. Next time I will try better to center on Polaris and make 200 photos. Clear skies for all of us, Irving
  6. I made a mistake on the magnification. Probably about 400x according to an eyepiece projection calculator. Here is one of the photos edited.
  7. Hi folks, Thought some of you might be interested in this stitching of 20 moon photos. Used SW 90x1250 Mak, Canon 1100D without lens taken through 15mm Plössl eyepiece. About 83 mag., Very clear skies. Edited with AP Panorama, various simple adjustment layers and the JR macro, Repetitive Bandpass Sharpening. You might notice a few black hairs from the camera sensor. Great software.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I was not very clear about my question to @James Ritson I would like to know if his macros are comprised of only the normal Affinity Photo commands. I have been unable to reproduce his M45 processing without his macros. Especially his colour separation macros seem very useful. The learning curve is starting to level off but I still expect some surprises. Thanks and regards, Irving
  9. Hello James, I have tried and tried to produce M45 results similar to yours without using your macros. Is it possible? I am amazed what the color (colour) separation does. I am not able to achieve such results without your macros. Have you ever published details on your macros? Thanks and regards, Irving
  10. Thanks James for your wonderful support material, macros and practice files. I am working through your M45 practice files. I find it sometimes difficult to locate the macro that you have used. Because you have very many macros, I wonder if some sort of numbering system would be useful for us beginners. The Affinity astro package and support are so good that it is hard for me to believe that anyone would want to use another software. Best wishes, Irving
  11. Would this mean having one or two bright stars in the field? Thanks, Irving
  12. Hi folks, As I understand from reading, it is possible to do astrophotography without using tracking equipment. This would require taking a large number of photos at high ISO and sufficiently short times (500/FL in sec) so that no star trails result. Would Affinity Photo be able to successfully stack such photos? Thanks for your advice Irving
  13. Hi folks, Again a single frame looks better than the stacked result of lights (10 or so) and darks (about 7). Have a look. All are raw from a little C90 1000mm (old orange tube) with a Sony Nex 5n. Thanks for any advice, Irving 949637414_moonstacked13_11.21sonyc90.afphoto single light frame from stack 13.11.21 .afphoto
  14. Hi Pauls, Regarding exposure time, I have read that 500/focal length= max sec exposure. In this case I was using a 55mm lens but only f3.5, and the iso was set at 1600. Would you say that if I took many untracked shots of 8 sec each that the stacking would be much better? I do have a simple EQ1 mount so will certainly try this too. Thanks and regards, Irving
  15. Hi Pauls Thanks for the quick reply. What exposure time do you think would be suitable?
  16. To make myself clearer. I did not expect star trails to appear with stacking. Thanks and clear skies, irving
  17. Hi folks, I am getting what seems to me to be strange results in stacking astro files. Attached is a single jpg taken with 55mm dslr, 20 sec, at iso 1600. Looks pretty good as a single file but does not stack well. Stacking used 11 files with and without blacks and whites. A tripod was used with no tracking involved over about a few minutes for the 11, 20 sec exposures. Sort of expected the stacking to be as good as the single frame. Thanks for any advice, Irving astro canon jpg stacked 8.11.21 ??.afphoto astro canon jpg stacked blacks and whites 8.11.21.afphoto
  18. Hello folks, I am new to this serious hobby and have bought an inexpensive "electronic eyepiece" SV105 model. It is a CMOS and records video in AVI. It seems that i cannot use Aph for stacking such files. Would anyone have a recommendation for a Mac user. Thanks for any advice, Irving
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