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  1. yes, this would really be appreciated... I would go so far to say, that there would nothing be wrong, with affinity Designer if it would have an 'X' or 'Prototyper' "PERSONA" in which you can place links on buttons etc to the next page(s) for presenting them later on PLUS CSS output. You should really take a good look at "Lunacy App" from "Icons8" BTW... there seems to be a bug in your input field on this website... since, sometimes the cursor seems to flip to some other position totally random. (just in case you think or ask: nah... no touchpad and no mouse isnt even near....)
  2. I suggest the implementation of "INERTIA" settings in both "Affinity DESIGNER"(especially) and "Affinity PHOTO";Alike you can change the behavior of tools in Artrage. so your curves etc. smooth out while you draw. Just like you would apply more pressure to the tool, which would normally have the effect in reality of not being able to move so fast. (Would be much easier to draw specific curves...(sry4myenglish)
  3. no, better not buy Aperture... Just reverse engineer Darktable or collaborate with those guys... Maybe they could port Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer to Linux as a pay-for application just like Corel did with Aftershot. forget about aperture and lightroom. Darktable is the real deal.... download it and use it.... mostly it works. but its a shame that sometimes.. yah. i dunno what to say... sometimes it gets buggy. But hey! it is for free... But the sheer load of functionality really impresses me a lot. And if you get it up and running and it doesn't mess with your raw files because of some update in the raw file structure of your camera producer or some update of the app itself where something went wrong. Peeps, I tell ya. This is a mind-blowing killer application. Honestly... i don't think that lightroom does offer the half that darktable does... There are so many options. Overlays, adjustment layers, masks on adjustments.... And and and... This program is a beast.... if you are on a mac you can try it without a hustle... Just install it from the dmg. And get it running. (Maybe you have to play a bit around with the GUI in first so the fonts are not too small et cetera.) If the wheels are turning and you are satisfied just don't update. Or try the updated version in a separate account and when you know it plays well with your SetUp than get it rocking. You may think... "Oh no, i already tried RAW-Therapee" and its the same for you as with Gimp, (that it just feels weird...) forget that. Just try "Darktable". IMHO this RAW-converter plays some leagues above all the others... Affinity/Serif should just reverse-engineer Darktable that would be the Deal...
  4. I formerly suggested this to the Affinity Team via FB. They told me to post this feature request on the forum, so all other users can vote/comment on this idea. What is it about? Simple: I suggested that Affinity/Serif should found an IRC-Channel for a simple User2User-Support like one would have via twitter or FB. Buddy2Buddy live. Q&A, Exchange of ideas etc.....(maybe separate) One would be able to link to results by posting pastie urls. (pastebin, imagebin, etc.) and so on. I just think this kind of guidance through other users is much more live and to the heart... And in conversations that you have alongside manipulating your pix you might be able to stroke out "errors in reasoning", that may be immanent because you misunderstood things in first or since you did not know something important for your scheme in first place. And there are so many IRC-Applications that would offer much usability(features) for such an user2user support channel. An official channel would be cool, if someone already opened an unofficial "Affinitiy Photo" channel on IRC let me, and the other users know and comment on this post. Thank you!
  5. I remember long time ago, when people made use of enormous towers with 486 CPUs in it, our raster picture manipulation programs had features like "paste on layer..." or "paste image under cursor", so you can right away drop the picture you have pasted into your project where you want it. its not that important, just came to thought...
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