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  1. I copy and paste artboards from one Photo file to another but it is a bit clumsy and there seems to be no way to create one from scratch in Photo.
  2. Hi Gabe The attached files show before and after layer-merge selected. I have only had this issue since the latest upgrade. Thanks Craig
  3. This issue has not been fixed with version 1.8.3. When will it be fixed? Layer-merge selected also changes the visible content of merged layers even when there are no hidden layers or adjustments. This is a real problem as you can not rely on the merged layer to contain what was visible before the layers were merged. Even merging two normal layers will bring content from a lower layer to the top. Huge problem!!!
  4. I want to print a section of an A3 image on A4 paper and I want to be able to set the position (ie not centred). This was easy with CS3 P'shop as I can uncheck the "centre image" default option and drag the preview around - see screen shot attached. Is this possible with Affinity Photo? Thanks
  5. Is it possible to use live projection without destructively merging layers? I have tried grouping layers and placing an embedded file but live projection only seems to work on one layer at a time.
  6. I work with multiple gradient tones directly into existing layers and would like to be able to add a feathered tone (starting at 0 opacity) and control the blend mode without the new gradient erasing existing content. I prefer the Photoshop gradient controls as I don't need to have every piece of graded tone on a new layer and reset the opacity for every new addition.
  7. I need to print oversize images to an A4 printer and want to be able to print in two or more sheets with controlled overlap. Photoshop allows you to position the image on the sheet (even when the image may be clipped). Allowing Affinity to print oversize images to several sheets creates non printed areas along the edges.
  8. I need to be able to draw orthogonal (vertical and horizontal) straight lines. In photoshop this is done by holding shift before clicking on a point then dragging the cursor. With affinity you can only guess where to place the second point.
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