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  1. Hi All, I'm still using Adobe FrameMaker on a PC which, incidentally, is the one application preventing me switching to Mac completely. So far I have found nothing else quite hits the spot for producing reasonably long technical documents which have lists, tables and illustrations or photos. The auto numbering is a bit tricky to learn but once you understand it, it is so versatile. Tables of Contents are a cinch as are cross-references and external links. Building multi chapter documents is easy and features like conditional text are a real show stealer when producing documents for different products which share a similar "parent". I've tried Quark, InDesign, Scribus, LibreOffice, even Word (!) and quite a few more but I always come back to FrameMaker. Here's hoping Affinity Publisher can provide the 3rd "must have" application to complete the trio! Cheers Brian
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