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  1. video1.html First attempt - video1 Second attempt - video 2 video2.htmlvideo2.html
  2. The font name is called Cupcake and was from Creative Fabrica. Any of the french accents available. I'll take some screengrabs and a quick video of trying to use the existing ones. I ended up vertically moving the remaining letters to the left and it worked but time consuming. I tried various searches on Google to use unicode but when I toggle with that particular font it didn't work. I wanted to use a scripty font and realized about an hour in that wasn't like to find that you could also combine accents with.
  3. Can you refresh my memory on placement . I'm trying with another word and other accents. It says click for insert point in text. I do that and then I double click to add an accent but it removes the letter. I try to highlight the letter and double click to add the accent but that doesn't work either. What am I missing?
  4. This has been a huge help and thank you for explaining so simply. Love this forum!!
  5. Thank you soooo much! I'm having an issue with loops. Will attach the letter j when I use the Separate Curves command.
  6. No I want them to touch each other. Like being able to drag the dot or accent down to touch the top of the letter.
  7. As an example, see attachment. I am cutting chipboard sayings and the closest I could get to attaching dot of i to i was coverting to curves (with a different font) and moving nodes to connect it. I didn't do the node change in the attached example. There must be a simpler way? Thank you in advance for your help. testing_dotoni.afdesign
  8. Sorry I keep forgetting about the font being installed.
  9. I'm new to Designer and would like some guidance on how I correct overlapping text - see attached between o and r. I tried to use the Node Tool but couldn't see any points to select to delete. Thank you ! letteroverlap.afdesign
  10. Haha. I didn't even notice it existed. That as a huge help. It showed the accent in glyph browser on it's own so I tried that but it didn't work as it would insert the accent but not combined with e. So I went to character map and picked it and copied and then pasted as a character and it worked. I didn't understand the G+ option. Is that in combination with a command key? I'm using Windows 10. Thanks for keeping it simple for a newbie. 😊
  11. I was excited to find out that Glyph browser worked but have a couple of questions. I downloaded the font Cupcake from Creative Fabrica. On other fonts, the accent circonflex - Alt+0234 (ê) - showed above the letter. When I picked Cupcake, it doesn't show in glyph browser. 1. Is it font specific as to whether the accent is chooseable? 2. Why is the view in glyph browser so small? I'm on a desktop and can barely make them out.
  12. Do you know if this was ever implemented and if so, what function it could be found in? Thanks.
  13. Thank you for this info. Will this plugin work with Designer? I couldn't see an option in the Preferences menu for plugins to add. Thanks!
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