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  1. Is there a way to flip this, so that the constrain is on by default, and placing the finger down frees it?
  2. Re-open it as “makes-no-sense UI design”.
  3. Promising program, so far... While the BRUSH tool is selected, the user is presented with that bottom adjustments palette (width, opacity, etc.). Why, oh, why is the STABILIZATION hidden by a right arrow? Why can I not get to that setting right there where everything else is? There's room, for crying out loud. As it stands now, it is awkward. Hope I wasn't too harsh. Cheers, gang.
  4. Teelar

    Modifier Keys

    Simply pressing a single finger down—while drawing—could act as a Shift key. Two fingers, Option key. Etc. I do have a keyboard, and holding the Shift key does nothing while drawing, say, with the Pen tool, when it is most needed. I do wonder, how does one constrain drawing in 45° increments as it stands now?
  5. Teelar

    Multiple Layer Effects

    I’ll also add a screenshot of how multiple effects can create for terrific illustration work…
  6. Teelar

    Multiple Layer Effects

    BUMP for this. Affinity Designer makers, don’t listen to these comments and think that multiple effects would just be for UI. It’s just a KILLER way to make TERRIFIC illustrations and designs. Multiple inner glows, multiple gradients especially, multiple shadows, they ALL make for even better photo-realistic illustration. I vote this becomes THE new feature for the next version. Sketch has so much promise, but is so very buggy. Let me use Designer from now on with this single feature addition. Terrific product.