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  1. @GarryP Thanks for the replies, but all in all the discussion has been a time waster.
  2. It's just a suggestion for change mate. I'm not forcing Serif to make the change. No need to get all philosophical. I can't help how I prefer something to work. If that's not aligned with how the development team see things, so be it.
  3. That can be said about ANY changes to ANY software. I have only 4 words: Thank you Captain Obvious.
  4. So your philosophy is to to poo poo on a change request regardless of how much sense it makes, just because it's "tradition"? Got it.
  5. Wow, people use this on an iPad? Even so, it's a lot easier to press one cm away from the frame (if you did manage to accidentally press on the frame), than to move 5 inches away to press on the move tool button. I would assume vast majority of people use this app on a desktop anyway.
  6. Did I say I want to use the arrow keys to move something large distance? I'm not an idiot.
  7. You can't precision move by dragging with the mouse. I don't often need to delete a text frame "while I'm editing text" 🙄, but I do often need to delete, or move, or copy or blanket apply a style to a text frame while I click on the border of a text frame. Bottom line is, it's not intuitive, because clicking on the border is a purposeful action. It's not easy to aim for the middle of the text frame (to start editing) and accidentally click on the border. There's a reason why this is how this kind of objects behave in all other publishing/word processing tools. You click on the border of a "text box" in Word, you can start to operate it with your keyboard. You click on the border of a text frame in InDesign, you can start to operate it with your keyboard. I don't see there's ANY POINT debating this.
  8. When I click on a border of the text frame, isn't the sensible thing to do is to come out of the edit mode and enable the move mode? At the moment it just continue to assume you're editing, which is not intuitive at all. Ideally it should recognize that I'm now trying to operate on the text frame itself instead of the content, so that I can just press delete to delete it, or press shift+arrow keys to move it about.
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