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  1. This 2.04 version is buggy to say the least. I have gone back to using the 1st file downloaded after purchase. NO CRASHES.
  2. I will try to create a screenshot when it does it again. What I have done to help out is continuing to use the first version of V2 after experiencing real problems with the latest update. So a reinstall of the the first Designer 2 file. Also my file drawing was messy and HUGE, so I cleaned up the file size. That helped alot.
  3. I am running designer 2.04 on a windows machine with a very good graphics card. Its not the machine though; the program freezes when I attempt to open an existing file and freezes when I attempt to create a new project. I have already uninstalled and installed once. Yesterday I used the software without any real hickups, but today I cannot open a file. What is going on????
  4. So I too, am experiencing crashes using shape builder in my drawing. Up until this afternoon I was working fine; and now is repeatedly crashing when I attempt to combine multiple polygons into a new shape. I will attempt to trim the file size (layers) and see if that makes a difference.
  5. So essentially selecting the image using the selection brush, which isolating from background/apply FX color overlay 100% opacity in white to image/ black fill layer gets the job done.
  6. Beginning @5:37 and ending @7:14 I am using a stock jpg converted to png to test the process.
  7. I am working in DAZ3D attempting to create a political statement art piece. I need to import a png file into AP, provide a black fill layer below the image layer, create a "color overlay of the image", save, and export the file back into DAZ3D. The end result is a white silhouetted image over a black fill layer. The PNG file imported has a transparent background. I need the color png color overlay to be white. This is a very simple process in photoshop. how in the heck do I do this in Affinity Photo?
  8. Thank you for the advice and info everyone. Love the creativity displayed by this artist. I am preparing to get deep into new creations to keep me busy through the winter. I latest obsession is learning airbrushing. I want to make small murals. 48"X 96" The flavor of the month last winter was this stained glass piece. Over 400 pieces.
  9. I really like the startup image in 11.1 of the dragon/color collage. Anybody have an idea as to how to obtain the file? Fantastic artwork.
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