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  1. Here is a video of what I was doing when it crashed and It crashes on this project as well at the end of the video. 2111087505_AffinityDesigner22023-01-1218-23-55.mp4
  2. Just to let you know, shape builder is still crashing after the last fix. I was doing the exact same thing using the shape builder tool to make a shape and then doing a copy array around a circle to make a more complex shape and using the shape builder tool to customize the shape that i wanted, its always in this later stage that I get a hard crash.
  3. yeah, i have to say its about the same here in USA, Missouri, about 20 sec.
  4. So I began by using diffent shapes and using the shape builder to tool to make one complex shape, then I did an array of this shape around a circle and again selected all and began using the shape builder tool to get rid or add what i did'nt want, but all was done in affinity designer. But this is when i started having the problems, funny thing is today did basically the same thing just different shapes used and no problems, mind blown.
  5. So I was using the shape builder tool and application keeps crashing and completely shutting down, I am on a windows based computer, windows 10. I did'nt have the problem yesterday, so i thought i would reboot computer and try again, but happened right away when i began using this file, I will attach file here. Acrylic bowl design 1.afdesign
  6. I agree, I just bought a cnc and expected to find the dxf exporter in this program. So I was shocked to find that it doesn't support this, what a bummer. I hope they will change their mind on this and include it in a update.
  7. I’ve tried blender years ago but found it a little confusing to use and a little to much for what I was trying to accomplish. I just want a program that I can draw out small protect designs or furniture and be able to give them all dimensions that can be printed out and taken to the shop for building. Sketch up is pretty good for this but dealing with more complex curves is a little frustrating and use of some of their other tools are only available in pro version. The thing that I like about fusion 360 is you can actually make joints where parts can move and you can see how they work.. To me Blender was made more for people that want to model figurines and such and not toward construction, the interface as a little to complex for me.
  8. Hello, let me say first that i love your software , i have bothe designer and photo for both my windows computer and ipad and love them both,. I would love, love , love if you guys could make some software that was like a cross between google sketchup and fusion 360, i use both of these but simply cannot afford the full version of each. So my main reason for going with you guys is your great software and affordability. I know there's thousands of hobbyist and woodworkers like myself that would benefit from such a program and would love to pay for the software and not have to subscribe to these other companies that lean to big business backed resources to pay for their product. So please, please give it some thought into the research down this line of software, again thanks for the hard work and wonderful line of products you have so far. 553463:185926
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