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  1. Yes, that video you link to here, I mean, I followed it and built the macro and exported it to my library.
  2. I have a wireless Logitech mouse with scroll wheel for normal use, In AP I work with a Wacom tablet Intuos BT M. I have now tried to use the mouse as a test and it works then well. So it is the Wacom tablet that gives the problem. I have no further problems with other operations in AP. Any idea how this can be solved?
  3. Maybe someone can tell me why a macro doesn't work for me. What am I doing wrong? I have MacOS Mojave and AP Beta And I downloaded a few macros from Affinity Macro tutorial and imported them within AP. I have a pixel background (with the step crop and straighten) and when I click on the macro (inpaint..) nothing happens. No idea why that is, apparently something is wrong, but what? Besides, other downloaded macros don't work either. I just started AP by the way. I hope someone knows what's wrong.
  4. On my Mac I looked in the Preferences and changed the highlight-color there to blue and now it has also turned blue in Affinity Photo. So it's a great good advice I got. Thanks for that! Best regards 😀👍
  5. Hi Walt.Farrell, Thanks for the solution, it is indeed controllable in the preferences of my Mac (OS Mojave) and now I am also sure that it has no effect on the behavior of AP and that everything now just works fine. The fact that the image did not come across well is perhaps my fault. The print screen was the right part of the screen (narrow and high) and therefore perhaps outside the permitted size of the upload. If so, I apologize for that. Best regards
  6. Hi, I just started with AP. I have noticed that the High-light color in the layers panel is brown with me and in all the tutorials I have watched it is blue. It is brown in both AP 1.10.4 and Now my question is what does that mean and if so, how do I change that back to blue. Best regards
  7. Anytime, rdwy You can also try the latest beta version, the bug is apparently fixed there. Hi, I have installed the Beta version of AP and the overlay in develope Persona now works great. A relief to not have to correct all the time. The AP team did a great job, thank you for that. Regards rdwy10
  8. Hi Puck, thanks for the quick reply that this has already been reported as a bug. So now we have to wait for the next update and hope that it is solved. By the way, I also have AP version 1.10.4
  9. Hi, I just started affinity photo and I'm now running into a weird phenomenon that I can't solve. Maybe someone knows why, maybe a wrong attitude? If I edit my RAW photos and I want to lighten a shadow and use a brush overlay for that, then every time I make a brush stroke there is a kind of flag on it, directed to the left from the beginning of the stroke. It's just annoying to brush away those flags every time. I include a print screen as an example. I work with a Mac OS Mojave. I hope for a solution to this problem
  10. Hey, I am an new Affinity user on the iPad. Is it possible to add the Affinity Photo-app for the iPad to the share menu of e.g. photos? If so, can you explain how I should do that? I couldn't find that on the Apple site and they refer to the developer of the app, hence my question. If not, is it possible to confirm that in the app? Yours sincerely, R. de wit
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