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  1. Ok, thank you! That was helpful! I used the second hint, split it on A4. That worked!
  2. @v_kyr Searching the net I can do myself, but I want to do it from Affinity Publisher! Not via external solutions...
  3. Hello! I've a problem. I've a horizontal A3 page and my printer only prints A4. So I thought I could just print the A3 page using the Printer Menu and Layout (Tiled). But all I can set there is the overlap. Can someone explain to me how this is supposed to work if I want to print an A3 page on 2 x A4? Thanks!
  4. Hi! I worked in a print shop (Germany) and it wasn't just a small print shop, but we also printed books and other projects. And we also always used 600 DPI for our printing plates, or in the PDF export that was then used for the printing plates. I don't understand why Affinity doesn't support 600 DPI as a setting! Every professional software supports 600 DPI! This is not professional for me if this is simply ignored! Sorry, I bought Publisher because I thought Affinity was professional. But I guess I was wrong.... I have to export/convert my documents to 600 DPI every time now, because the Publisher did not save a setting of 600 DPI. Direct printing to a printer with 600 DPI is therefore not possible at all! Very bad... I am quite disappointed with this software!
  5. Yes, thank you! That's what I was thinking now. I guess I misjudged the publisher and designer. For my project, the publisher would have been better. Eventually I will get the publisher, but at the moment I have to deal with the designer, because the project should be finished before Christmas.
  6. Thank you for the help and hints. Since the project won't have more than about 10 pages and I'm only concerned about being able to center objects / images with a certain margin spacing, I guess I'll just set appropriate margins for each art board. That still works the easiest! With pages, of course, it would have been easier, because one could then set the margins / help lines there globally. Or maybe I made a mistake in the app and the Publisher would have been better suited? Let's see if I get this in addition, because for different projects just different tools work better. Then I would have a virtually complete suite, Photo / Design / Publisher.
  7. Just another little question... are there global help lines for all art board, or can I just copy help lines to another art board?
  8. Thank you! That was a fast answer! Ok, that ArtBoard I have found. Then I must have been shown the wrong help when I searched for it on the net. Thanks, I will have a look at the ArtBoard.
  9. Hi! I am absolutely new to Affinity products and have worked with Corel Suit for a long time in the past. Some things were easier there in my opinion. I'm using Affinity Photo and Designer on Windows 10 because I haven't been happy with Corel for years. They are not commercial projects, but purely hobby / private. But... to my question. I have a project in Designer where I want to use multiple pages instead of spreading them to individual files. Now I just want to add a new page, or copy the last page and use it as a base for the new page. In the help (German) it says I should add new pages in the "Pages panel". Fine, but the help is not really helpful, because where is the "Panel Pages"??? A few pictures in the online help would be more helpful! I searched everywhere for a panel or menu entry for pages, but found nothing. Maybe someone here can help me, because I'm having a very hard time figuring out where what is in the Affinity products. And as already written, the help page is not necessarily always helpful. Thanks for any help!
  10. Yeah, I've had the thought of redoing it in AD as well, that will probably be even better for some things. So, let's see how it will be...
  11. Thank you for your help and information. I would prefer not to convert my old data via an online service. So I guess I will look for a tool that does this as well as possible. Since I don't use CD anymore (my last version doesn't work properly via Windows 10), I unfortunately can't export this directly via CD either.
  12. Very sad, I bought Affinity Designer (for Windows) and now find that it can't import my old CDR files. And apparently this is not planned either... very, very sad and at the same time incomprehensible!
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