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  1. I have been a die-hard Fireworks user from day one. I've been on the Adobe beta testing team for years / etc.

    Since mac os 10.9.5, Fireworks (a dead product) is now completely unusable.


    I made the switch to Affinity Designer yesterday. Love it.


    Here's a few things that I used/depended on in Fireworks that I would love to see added to Affinity Designer.


    - Copy elements and create a new document...new document should adapt the total height/width of the copied elements. 

    So if I copy 4 objects and I get a combined size of 640x980.. if I "Create a new document" it should default to the size of 640x980


    - Pages

    Number one awesome feature of FW was the ability to have multiple pages in the document


    - Ability to resize canvas

    Make it easier to resize the canvas area than using the Document Setup



    More to come...




    - Export to HTML / Preview w/ Annotations

    This is the best plugin for Fireworks (http://www.3revolutions.com/public/fw_annotations.php )


    - Specctr

    Work with the folks at http://www.specctr.com/ to make their plugin work with Affinity Designer

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