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  1. Developers - I just installed the beta build RC1 for macOS. Below are two pairs of screen shots, the first at 300% zoom, the second at fit zoom (51%) for two Canon .CR3 files opened in RC1 as (1) a single file and (2) as one of the light images in an astrophotography stack. For the images as viewed in the astro stack, RAW options include inferred FITS Bayer pattern, default demosaic method, and daylight white balance. I am still experiencing color issues with Canon raw format files when attempting to create an astrophotography stack. The EXIF info for the images includes: IMG_460.CR3: 10 mm focal length, 30 s exposure, f/3.5, ISO 1000. Shot at 4:12 AM 5/15/21. IMG_540.CR3: 12 mm focal length, 60 s exposure, f/4, ISO 1000. Shot at 11:22 PM 6/1/21. Color information appears to be there for the image when it is opened either way, but it is rendered differently when it is opened as a single file as opposed to being opened as part of a stack. It's obvious when opening dark frames, as well - opening a dark frame as a single image shows nothing, but when opened as part of a series of dark frame images within an astro stack, the dark image renders as a colored grid (dominated by red for an inferred FITS Bayer pattern). The frame clipping is slightly different, as well, when the raw file is opened singly, as opposed to being part of a stack of light images. A few columns of pixels at the far left of the full frame image are visible in the image opened as part of the stack, but are not visible when opened as a single image. Thanks in advance, Joe IMG_0460.CR3 IMG_0540.CR3
  2. Chris - my thanks to you and the development team for looking into this. And thank you for verifying that (a) I'm not color blind, and (b) I'm not going crazy!
  3. Sure thing, Chris - here are two examples, both of which open in color in the raw persona, but in B/W when viewed in the astro stack. Thanks for the reply. -Joe IMG_0525.CR3 IMG_0526.CR3
  4. Developers - I downloaded and installed the beta update ( today, as I was encountering the same issue with Canon RAW (.CR3 format) images rendering in color when opened singly, but rendering only in greyscale when viewed as part of light frame astrophotography stack. Trying the same experiment using the beta update resulted in the same issue; the .CR3 image opened outside of the astrophotography stack workflow color-rendered correctly, but the images opened within the astro stack workflow rendered in B&W (see attached). Apologies for the pixelated nature; these were shot with a 12 mm lens, at only 1 minute of exposure (40 total images in the stack), so the images have to be magnified a bit to see the color (or lack thereof). I might suspect that memory issues are to blame (my iMac is a vintage 2013, with only 8 MB of RAM); does the astrophotography stack workflow access system memory in a way that would cause the images to color-render incorrectly? It seems like others have had this greyscale vs. color for astro-stacking issue solved after installing the new beta version, but it appears to persist for me (and maybe some others, as well?). Thanks in advance.
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