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  1. THANKS TONS BRUCE! Learning from the beginning, dumping IND. Use this function alot in book work. TTYL
  2. Any progress on importing InDesign IDML files? I've tons of ID docs that I'd love to port over. I've tried object cut and pasting sometimes, but does not work, i.e., a text block of several lines in InD comes over as individual lines, not as a paragraph block. Hopefully, IDML will be supported soon? PULEEZE? ;-)
  3. How to define spot colors when PMS colors are required by customer? Thanks.
  4. peterpica

    Spot Colors

    THANKS TONS MIKE! Trying to justify dumping InDesign... Wish there was an IDML import filter in Afinity Publisher!
  5. How to center objects (text blocks & graphics) on page, vertically & horizontally?
  6. peterpica

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    My days of manipulating em's & en's are rapidly coming to an end; been in the typography business since the 50's... Started out distributing foundry type in the California job cases during summer at my Dad's shop in Philly. Went through the IBM Selectric kick of the 60's, the Compugraphic Unified Composer kicks of the 70's, the Bedford RTCS of the 80's, and the Apple/PageMaker kick of the 90's. Fooled with Quack Depressed also in the 90's. Getting tired of Adobe. Hope to experience Publisher before the end comes due.
  7. We're almost mid-way through 2018... any sight of Affinity Publisher? Getting anxious. Looking for excuse to dump InDesign; tried Quark again but that was a waste of time IMO.
  8. peterpica

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    Any sign of the new dtp app? Looking for good excuse to dump InDesign.
  9. Is it possible to taper the end of a line segment? For example, if I have a a curved line that's 6pt wide and want it to go from 6 pts down to 1pt in width, starting about a quarter of the lengths distance from the end, how to do this? I can do in Illustrator using Astute plugins (width scribe)... but am doing more in Affinity and would like to be able to do this if possible. Thanks.
  10. Sorry; I just put my glasses on... no longer blind, at least on this topic! ;-)
  11. Thanks... got there but unable to use with existing stroke... is there a tut on this anywhere? I went through the training but couldn't find anything or maybe I'm blind... ??? Thanks.
  12. When I export a file with no background to .png format, why do I end up with a png that has a bright blue background? The AP file has an imported vector image with transparent background. I've attached the AFP file.
  13. Have some 6pt line segments about 5" long that I'd like to 'bevel' the ends (about 1" from end) from 6pt down to about 1pt towards the end of each line on one end. Is this doable with Affinity? I know I can do in Illustrator with help of Astute plugin, but I'd like to be able to use Affinity... (much easier to use than Ily IMO). ???
  14. New to AD... and really luvit. Lost my layers panel... can't find anywhere nor an option to display in the view menu. Bag this request.... just found out how to...
  15. How come none of my PS plugins work? They're viewable in the dropdown menu bar, but none seem to work. Alien Skin does nothing; Versus does nothing; Topaz gives me a message to contact them... ??? Thanks!
  16. Is it possible to mask backgrounds of images in Affinity Designer? If so, is there a tutorial available?
  17. Need to mask out a background that has a hue very close to edge of foreground object. Any 'easy' way to do this? Are there any tut's on background masking? Fairly easy with PS, so I'm assuming it's easier with Affinity? Thanks in advance.

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