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  1. True, but still requires quite a bit of layer-pane clicking, which I try to avoid like the plague. And I feel the workflow: group -> promote group to layer -> group again -> edit all layers off -> finally select, is not the best workflow for something I use a lot. I proposed a solution, if anyone's interested.
  2. I would really like some sort of "isolation" mode for groups, similar to other 2D, 3D & video apps. Basically when I double click to enter a group, if I want to box-select a number of items from that group, there's no way to do it. For example: I do a lot of UI work, and keep things in groups for organization and to easily move things around. But if I want to rearrange the contents of a group, I have to do a lot of work: - either dbl-click and shift-select A LOT, but it requires 10+ clicks for a single selection, which is really not ideal. - or lock everything
  3. Oh I see, thx for the clarification. Don;t know about how others work, but to me, an isolation mode would be so handy. For all UI layouts that I'm working on I keep things grouped. But when I try to change the layout inside a group, it's super awkward: I have to use either the layer palette which is not visual so I don;t know what I'm selecting, or locking things which again is a lot of work on the layers pane, and shift clicking is a most of the times out of the question for the sheer number of objects. I think the layer trick might work, I'll have to try it some more, but
  4. Tried on a different machine with macOS Sierra (10.12.6) and same behaviour. Halp?
  5. Thank you both for your help! So the good newsis that there's a way it should work: the ALT+click+drag. The bad news is that it doesn't work for me. It behaves just like a normal selection, basically selecting the whole group. (btw I'm on mac ) I attached a short video, and in it, after entering the group, I first do ALT + drag-select (which doesn't work) and then I try the CMD + drag-select which works as intended, but has the downside of selecting objects from all groups. AD selection.mov Is there a setting somewhere o
  6. When double clicking a group with multiple objects, how can I drag-select without "exiting" the group? Right now when I drag-select after entering a group, the context switches to the parent, and I select the whole group. Is this not possible in AD? Is the only option shift-selecting all the items individually? The problem is worse if all this is on top of another shape. Then, the background shape is moved instead of selecting object.
  7. Hey Matt, that's great to hear! There are a few successful approaches out there (sketch, balsamiq, AI) and I'd love to hear more about how you guys see this feature implemented.
  8. Yes they are. The 4 objects are part of a "parent" rectangle (the big white background). Does that mean that nested objects cannot be grouped because they get confused by the constraints? And why the weird cropping?
  9. When I group a few objects in AD, the resulting group is somehow cropped in a strange way, like there's n invisible mask somewhere. I was suspecting that the problem was from the constraints, tried to remove constraints from various objects, but failed because when I add the scale constraints (to make the object as a default/new object), other objects on the canvas move or disappear (those objects that have nothing to do with those edited ones). Any idea how to fix? Thx AD version 1.5.5
  10. Not sure it's a feature, more of an improvement, but it has cause some troubles to me. In all applications that I'm aware of, the Save As function will save in the folder where the file is currently located in. A.D. does not, it saves in the last folder that was used, always. Even if I close a file and open a totally different one, SaveAs will default to the last saved folder. I have files spread all over the disk because of that :( It's annoying especially because the standard behaviour is so universally ingrained I find it hard to remember to change the save location every time.
  11. Been using Balsamiq for a bit and they have simple solution for unlocking: right click. ("simple" from UX point of view) At right click, besides other options, is a list of all the unlockable layers (at mouse position), by name and something like the major color in that object. But even just by name I'd find it pretty useful too. Cheers
  12. I kid I kid. Space hides handles and all other interaction thinggies while it's pressed. AKA, what the OP requested.
  13. Press the big wide key at the bottom of your keyboard.
  14. For viewing and moving purposes, holding space hides mostly everything, including bounding box. For selecting stuff... not so much.
  15. Been using AD for a while and I pretty much love it. Although I have my gripes with it (lack of: lock/unlock all, hide/unhide all, rotation around a point, variable length nudge, color picker, etc), I've pulled through. But today I had to work in Illustrator because I needed "symbols", or instances. That thing when you don't want to copy all kinds of changes to tens/hundreds of instances. I think it's in the works, but just wanted to let you guys know what made me switch back.
  16. I do sort-of the same as Hokusai, but with a different explanation :) I usually keep stuff grouped and use Isolation mode a lot (dbl-click on a group). I do my thing laying out whatever I'm working on, hiding stuff in the process. So, UnhideAll will usually unhide a few groups that are easy to hide again (click, click click, Hide, or just shift click whatever you wanted to unhide and then hide the rest, because they remain selected. see below for details). When it gets too messy I either delete old stuff or just move it to a backup layer that I keep hidden. It also takes care of cleanup wh
  17. Was also wondering if the devs ever gave a reason for not including unhide/unlock all. A good reason would help with the patience part, maybe some admins/devs would like to pitch in.
  18. Thanks hokusai, I've been experimenting with not using "select all layers" but it seems to hold me down more than help. I'l try arranging stuff in the layers palette more, see how it goes.
  19. Thx for the reply. I am trying to be patient, it's not like I have any other option. And yes, AD gets more things right than wrong, so it looks like I'm gonna be here waiting for a fix. What I was hoping for is that maybe there are some tricks I'm not aware of, that could ease my pain for unlocking and unhiding stuff. But maybe there aren't any and people just deal with it.
  20. So am I to understand I am the only one in this boat? How do you guys do it?
  21. (later edit: sorry for the bitchy title :ph34r: ) I know there's been a few threads requesting either unlock all or hideObject/unhideAll, but I'm so frustrated that I created an account just to post this. I think AD is pretty awesome, the transition was almost flawless except this. Not even sure how some people can handle it in the current state, I know I'm struggling. If I want to unhide something, I have to dig through countless layers and hope to not spend the next half hour scrolling, looking for a missing checkmark. It's silly, really silly. I know some people are fine with
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