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  1. I have the same issues, and unclicking hardware acceleration doesn't make blur or median blur work.
  2. The blur and median blur brushes do NOTHING at my machine, and I think it's been that way since 1.71 dropped, maybe longer. I'm now on Catalina (wasn't then) and I have an eGPU (didn't then). I've seen little or no sign you're taking advantage of the eGPB, by the way, but the blur brushes are my concern for now.
  3. Yes, the bracket shortcuts are set as expected. The problem comes and goes, like most of these problems.
  4. Brackets don't resize brushes. I often can't see a preview or outline of the brush. Blur and Median sometimes preview as Erase, sometimes no preview or outline. It's hard to work this way!
  5. It's more than unfortunate. I export 19 slices from a single project. It's TEDIOUS if I have to change the export image sizes and path.
  6. I've found no evidence that "scale, rotate, translate" works AT ALL when importing a stack of images. Testing it with two identical images except for size (one much bigger), it leaves them as-is if I don't select "automatic". If I do select "automatic", it shrinks the large one but doesn't align them. What am I missing?
  7. Right. You were clear enough ... but clicking on the name should also work.
  8. Okay, I got it. I was clicking on the snapshot NAME not the icon next to it. Maybe you said that (sort of) but it didn't register. Sorry.
  9. You certainly are. As I said above, the problem is identical no matter what I select in the Snapshots pane.
  10. By clicking the camera icon, you mean Add Snapshot, correct? I open the jpg, resize it, click Add Snapshot, select the Undo Brush — NO OTHER STEPS — and right away there's an offset in the preview of the Undo Brush. Highlighting the wrong snapshot has nothing to do with it. I duplicated the problem with nothing highlighted in the Snapshots pane, I duplicated it with One highlighted, and I duplicated it with Background highlighted.
  11. The maximum size for attachments is smaller than EVERY Affinity Photo file in existence, I think, so I'll send a Dropbox link. A quick test suggests it may happen only when the image had been resized (larger) before making the snapshot. If I save flattened and reopen that, the problem is gone. That won't be acceptable for all workflows. It's not enough to close and reopen the .afphoto file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/rk1gxt59ib10ina/fantasy smoke art.afphoto?dl=0
  12. When I create a snapshot and try to use the Undo Brush (even if I've made no changes), the snapshot is badly misaligned with the original. In the screenshot you can see a preview of the Undo Brush where I didn't paint with it, and the girl's cheek is way, way off. If I paint with Undo, the result is misaligned in the same way. I'm on Mojave with Photo 1.6.7.
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