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  1. When navigating up and down the fonts drop-down, I find that the fonts jump around. It can become difficult, and at times impossible, to select the font I want. This is due to the font being displayed at the top of the menu changing to reflect whatever font is currently hovered over. When that font size changes, it often causes the rest of the list to shift, which can lead to the cursor now hovering over a different font, which shifts the list again...etc.
  2. Once I grab the weird artboards and move them it is fixed
  3. The view seems to have issues updating at times
  4. I'd love to see this changed so that you can edit the styles (in the styles panel, maybe with some sort of flyout) after they are saved, and those styles will carry over to any object they have been applied to. However, when I select an object with that style applied and begin editing the style of it, it unlinks the "global" style that was applied.
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