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  1. KvonVerletzt

    Fonts not working

    still nothing :( That's what I allways do :(
  2. Cheers guys! I have some problems with fonts in ap latly... Basically I install them (they seems just fine in fonts album on my mac) but when I choose them from the list in ap it automatically change to other font. I have checked exact same fonts in photoshop and other aplications and they work just fine... Any ideas ? Hope what I just wrote makes any sense...
  3. KvonVerletzt

    clipping mask

  4. KvonVerletzt

    clipping mask

    Thanks for answer MEB, have a good one ;)
  5. Morning! I've just bought AP and I got some problem with creating clipping masks (probably I'm just silly and blind...). Thing is that I need to create clipping mask (photo underneath text) that allows me to move photo around. I've tried 'mask to below' as well as selecting pixels on text layer (cmd+left click on text layer) and then make mask on photo layer, results are the same- I can move only photo and text layer (or photo layer that have text layer shape just like in screenshot) no matter which layer is selected... Sorry for my english and I hope you know what I'm talking about :ph34r:
  6. KvonVerletzt

    Invert mask

    simply group both layers (with effects) and add layer mask to the group (you can drag it from one layer to the group) :) hope that was thing you were asking for and sorry 4 my english

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