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  1. Hi Not really a fix is it. Here is a users experience... Open. Crash. Open a file. Crash. Open, open a stack. Crash. Run a stack, Crash. Run stack, adjust curves. Crash. Open file again, adjust balance, crash. Adjust sharpness, crash. ... Use DSS - ok. Use APP - ok. Use anything else - ok. The fix? - disable things that MIGHT make it work (not guaranteed) and will slow it down. Maybe we'll take a look some time. Remind me what i paid for? Oh yes, an editing app that works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rubbish, total rubbish. Affinity, get your bloody act together, t
  2. Since updating to this version I get a crash every 5 to 10 minutes. Not sure what you changed but the stability of this is just awful now. Bordering on unusable. The crashes I get are so random, but always during standard image manipulation like curves, colour balancing etc. So frustrating, especially considering one of the big points of this update was removing bugs!
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