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  1. Is there a key command to fill a selection with the foreground color? Particularly need to do this with mask layers and I've never found a way to do this in AF. I end up having to go back to photoshop when I need to do a lot of this kind of work. I'd love it if there was a way to do this in AF. Thanks for any help.
  2. I had a problem after updating Affinity Photo to v 1.6.6 The contextual inspector at the top of the screen disappeared on my mac book pro (10.12.6). Someone here kindly gave me a link to download a beta version which had fixed this bug. Today I made the mistake of updating to 1.6.7 thinking it would include the bug fix from the beta. It did not. I now no longer have the contextual inspector. The beta will now no longer run either. When I launch the beta it says "Retail Version Required" even though I have the retail version installed. So I now cannot use Affinity Photo at all. Is ther
  3. Yes I tried toggling show toolbar it didn't help. I do sometimes have a second monitor connected to my laptop but I don't have one connected at the moment. Yet I cannot get the toolbar back. Are you saying the beta will fix this issue? Thanks.
  4. I have been using Affinity Photo for a long time. Today I opened it and the inspector/tool bar was not there. I mean the panel at the top of the screen that lest you choose photo persona, develop persona etc... Its no longer there. I like to work in separate mode. If I untick separate mode the inspector/tool bar does reappear. Is there a way to get it back in separate mode? I have tried toggling shoe tool bar to no avail.
  5. I would like to request that Document resize includes percentage as a value for resizing. I often zoom an image to the size that looks right, and in photoshop I could easily just type that value into the Document resize. A real time saver. Also Document resize does not currently remember your previous setting for resample type. The default type bilinear looks terrible for resizing photos, bicubic looks a lot better and the only one I would ever use so it would be great if that could be remembered once I selected it (as photoshop does). Thanks for listening.
  6. I wish the the zoom tool was always available with a key command at any time, even when other dialogs are open. This is a function in photoshop which I really miss. For example the ability to zoom in while using the crop tool or setting a stroke width.
  7. I've tried searching the help but it comes up with nothing if you put in "fill" or "fills". In photoshop it's CMD backspace to fill with foreground colour or ALT backspace to fill a selection with background colour. How do I do that in Affinity Photo? I've tried using the fill tool but that doesn't do it if there is anything already on the layer. Also if you choose a foreground and background colour at the bottom of the tool palet, AP forgets it as soon as you change to a different type of layer - like form pixel layer to text layer. This is infuriating as I am used to relying on ha
  8. In photoshop filters and other dialogs remember your last used settings, even after a restart. This is such a time saver. For example, document resize (where I would never want the default "nearest neighbour") or sharpen where I usually want roughly the same settings after an image resize sharpen. Thanks.
  9. Huge thanks Bogar! This article gives a good work-around. An update to the work-around to this issue which I have discovered, you can use mac Preview app to export a postscript file which Affinity Designer can open (or Place) without the font import bug. Preview, at least under Mavericks does not have a postscript export or save feature, however, if you choose Print and the Save as PDF, you can find an option to save as postscript. This works. Thanks again.
  10. I import PDFs into illustrator all the time without any issues. Affinity designer seems to have issues with some fonts, in particular musical symbols which it cannot import. These fonts are on my system. Preview shows them correctly, Illustrator imports them correctly. Designer replaces them with unknown symbols rendering the PDFs useless. I've attached screenshots to show the difference between Illustrator import (using Place) and Designer import (using Place). I would appreciate a fist for this so that I can switch to Designer for my daily work, which at the moment I have to use Ill
  11. I just got Affinity Designer and it looks good. I have a feature request. Mac Preview app is capable of displaying fonts which are not on my system as vector information in PDFs, such as musical notes and related score markings. This must mean the vector information is in the PDF. Illustrator is incapable of importing this vector information, which I've always found irksome. Preview can see it, Photoshop can see it and import at any resolution, but Illustrator can't, never understood that. It would be great if Affinity Designer could do this. At the moment it's like illustrator, it j
  12. I'm having a lot of problems with files created in photoshop open in Affinity Photo. I've attached screen shots of a typical example. Some files open fine, others are just a complete disaster. Much as I would like to, I can't really work seriously in Affinity Photo until it can open photoshop files dependably.
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