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  1. Fontforge works great to edit all of the metrics and is free and open source. It can import SVGs directly aswell.
  2. For anyone interested, I created a python script using Fontforge that turns a directory of exported SVGs into a working OTF or TTF file. I used this with AFD's artboards feature to make creating a font in AFD pretty efficient. Here is the link: https://github.com/ACB-prgm/FontMaker Feel free to create an issue there if you have any questions. I might try and add a GUI to make this accessible for non-programmers.
  3. Anything other than Python is a mistake. It is objectively the most popular and overwhelmingly subjectively the easiest/most accessible language to use.
  4. I know this is old, but you can do this in AD with the guides and axis manager by setting the mode to advanced and the grid type to two axis custom. They have a great video on their website explaining it here
  5. Hey All, Wondering if anyone else has this issue, but occasionally (~1/10 times I open AFD) the Export and Save As features fail to bring up the finder window to save/export my project and will not do so until I restart the app. Luckily, the regular save feature seems to work, and Affinity's restore unsaved feature prevents any big losses if I am working on a new/unsaved project. But it is definitely irritating haha.
  6. Hey All, For the MacOS version of AD I would like to suggest that if you are in fullscreen mode and open the create new document window (cmd+N) or File>New, that it not remove you from fullscreen mode. (IE Window>Toggle Fullscreen). I imagine this might be harder than I think to do, but just thought I would throw it out there because it would be helpful! Thanks!
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