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  1. (Woah that's really cool !!) That's a perfect exemple ! I just want the devs to be aware that it is really a important feature that's currently missing from both Photo and Designer and it would improve the workflow a lot if we didn't have to resolve to workarounds with duplicated layers or masks. If I have to redo the whole mask everytime I add pixels or shapes to the group, or every time I want to move them, then I think it's just not working the way clipping masks should ! Especially because in real production, it's never just 3 circles but a bunch more shapes, or complex drawings
  2. I'd like to bump this issue This has been kind of a deal breaker for me, for the moment (still happy to support the project though, it's a wonderful piece of software). Even with the "drag inside" method (which I get, it's not Photoshop, doesn't have to be, and it's a really fine and intuitive way to clip things), it really needs a way to handle groups, without merging or duplicating the layers/shapes (all of the workaround I've seen involves one of those two things, and it's really not great, it breaks the workflow, and you have to manage a lot of duplicated layers). I would lov
  3. Thanks for the reply ! That will do for Affinity Photo (not available in Designer I believe). Still think the Ctrl shortcut to erase should be a thing, in both Affinity Designer and Photo though, that would be so practical, and simple/elegant in design !
  4. Hello, (Sorry if my english is not perfect, not my first language) When i'm digital painting, I often need to switch between the brush and the eraser very quickly while keeping the same brush style, size and opacity. It's really annoying to just want to erase a tiny mistake, switch to the eraser and realize your eraser brush is in a completely different style and having to change all its settings just for one click. With the pixel tool, you can just press Ctrl to quickly erase, it's so perfect, I wish it was the same on the paint brush. It's one of the most awesome feature
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