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  1. So it's saying a patch is coming for V2 but doesn't give a timeline - unless I've missed something? Thanks!
  2. @Leigh Hello, hope you're well. Any update you're able to provide on a timeline for this fix? Is it looking like before or after the new year? Would love to do away with the workaround sooner than later. Thanks!
  3. It's, unfortunately still there in AP2.... My workaround has been to save the files to my desktop and then transfer them into the session folder in Capture One, but it's extra steps that I shouldn't have to take. Would be lovely if there was a fix for this - it's just derailing my workflow. Especially if I forget to transfer the file first and loose an hour of work..... Thanks
  4. Any of the mods wanna tackle this one? 'Cause it's really annoying to have this happen after spending 20 min with delicate edits.
  5. This is still a thing and it's annoying as hell. Only difference is that AP doesn't give me the option to save to a new file, it just says "document must close" And I'm on a new MacBook saving to an external SSD so this shouldn't be a thing.
  6. @NathanC Sorry for the delayed reply - was away from my desk for a day. So far, disabling Hardware Acceleration seems to have done the trick (one wonders why any software makers have it as an option anymore, as it seems to mostly cause issues, but that's another rant, heh). I'll send the files/screenshot later on today just for reference though. Hopefully that was just a quick fix for the issue. Thanks for your help!!
  7. Hello All, Running a new updated Mac with the latest version of affinity. New fun issue has started coming up. When I export a file as a psd from Capture One, the image is extremely washed out while I'm working in the software. If I've clicked on something else, the colours restore until I click back on the AP screen. See attached photos (from my phone, but you'll get the idea of what it's supposed to look like vs washed out version). This is all my regular workflow and as far as I know, nothing has changed so I'd love to know/figure out/solve whatever is going on so I can actually get work done. This is happening on the laptop monitor as well as the external, and I've tried different cables. Thanks in advance for any help!
  8. Hello All, New to Affinity Designer. I'm trying to open my .ai files, and while Designer is reading things fine, none of the labels (on layers/objects/etc) seem to transfer over. Is there something I'm missing? I get sent a lot of .ai files, and can't go through every one and relabel every item. Thanks!!
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