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  1. And where I can change mouse shortcuts. I like this change my shortcuts to this Duplicate = Alt + mouse left Zoom = Alt + mouse wheel please let me know if their is away I can change them
  2. Thank you I will try that I really sorry for this cause I am very very new to this and very exited in the same time.
  3. no I mean to say I am new just made a switch from adobe. I wanna know how often affinity gets update cause this my 1st time using it and it doesn't have some futures that I used to work with in Photoshop. However I thought but I found them eventually. And I wanna know 1 more thing how can I can make my view make good in Affinity Photo cause it looks pixelated.
  4. Hi, I am very new to this. I just strait bought affinity photo with out even trying after seeing review. I wanna know how often affinity gets update. Cause I used to use creative cloud.
  5. Hay I got the solution after turning of the G-Sync the flickering stopped. I thinking it's cause of G-sync cause I have Free-Sync monitor that's y it might cased. How ever G-Sync is not useful in work and the game I play so it's ok. Hope this helps to others.
  6. I have RTX2070 and yes I have G-Sync and yes I did update my driver
  7. Hi, I just bought the Affinity Photo but After using some time the app screen started to Flickering. So I did some experiment with gpu render and warp render and find out This app flickers when gpu enable.
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