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  1. @Mark Ingram looks like this issue has been resolved in the latest Capture One release. I am able to do focus merge in affinity without renaming the dll.
  2. Yes. I saw that in the capture one forums. It's not something I use anyway. For now this solution works :).
  3. This worked for me too. Do you know what that dll does? Is it just the explorer integration or any other Capture one functionality is effected?
  4. @Mark Ingram Thanks for pointing me towards Capture One. I checked the following threads. crashes while using GPU render - Photo Bugs found on Windows - Affinity | Forum (serif.com) CO 20 - Windows explorer integration – Capture One I don't use windows integration in capture one. It is disabled for me. I went ahead and renamed the file C:\Program Files\Capture One\Capture One 21\WIC\WIC64\P1.WIC.NativeComWrapper.dll to P1.WIC.NativeComWrapper.backup.dll. I can confirm that Affinity doesn't crash anymore.
  5. @ChristAlix I just had a look around the Bios. I have a Gigabyte Aero Laptop and it doesn't have an option to disable a graphics card in the bios.
  6. Wouldn't that make my laptop screen stop working? NVIDIA control panel suggests my Laptop display is connected to it.
  7. Yes. As I explained above. I tried these options already. Affinity crashes when I select the dedicated graphics card. I was pointed out an error from the logs in the previous posts which says GPU UNKNOWN and another post suggests the GPU is Intel Gaphics which is my integrated Graphics card. I just ran another test to make sure the above logs are correct. I believe the graphics card shown in attachment_Log.txt is purely the GPU which is running the screen and not the one rendering in the background.
  8. Thanks for clarifying. I did try the option and it worked. But most of the graphics processing was being done by the integrated graphics card when I checked in Performance Monitor. While this works, it's not ideal. This is very much like selecting the integrated card which also works.
  9. Not sure I understand this. My laptop has 2 graphics cards. The integrated graphics card runs the laptop screen. Do you mean I have to select the same graphics card that is used by the monitor?
  10. I am not sure why Affinity can't recognise the GPU. I have other programs using it successfully. I can see it is correctly identified in device manager.
  11. Initially I was changing this in nvidia control panel but later figured I can change it in Affinity performance settings. Below is what works. Change Renderer to Integrated GPU. Change Renderer to Warp. (I am unsure what this option means) Using NVIDIA graphics still crashed. Previously I just uninstalled the driver and installed studio drivers again as clean install. But based on the above recommendations, I have tried DDU in Safe Mode and reinstalled drivers again. The problem is still not resolved.
  12. Same problem in 1.8.5. This is not specific to 1.9. I have uninstall NVIDIA drivers and installed the studio drivers as suggested in another forum post. This didn't make any difference.
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