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  1. Hi Everyone: I want to understand linked verses embedded. Is embedded the normal mode to put the document in if you are doing single drawings? I plan on making a fictional illustrated map where I will be drawing the map and icons for the map. I also will be drawing the inside and outside of the companies that I will have on the map. When I draw the Map layout and put the icons on the map I will create links from the icons so that they take the user to the other drawings showing the outside of the building then a place on the building will take me inside the building where the vi
  2. Hi I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place. I am new to Affinity Designer as I only purchased yesterday. My question is this - If I make a design in Affinity Designer can I create a clickable button out of it in Krita.I cannot find any information about this particular thing. I am looking to make an illustrated Map and extend my map so viewers can explore inside various locations. Thank you.
  3. Hi Alfred. No you didn't misunderstand. Thank you for your reply. I just found them. Thanks again!
  4. It would be nice to have Color Burn, Multiply and Overlay in the Blend Modes.
  5. I would really like animation here as well. Especially since Adobe discontinued the shockwave Player and now animations don't work for DrawPlus. I really like what I am seeing in the Affinity Designer program but do miss seeing animation options. I am a Windows 10 user.
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