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  1. My tool panels wiped out. I know about bringing some of them back with the "View" menu, but I cannot figure out how to bring the color, spacing, and paragraph panels back. Thanks !
  2. I worked on a number of images today. Separating the images from a shape tool backing as well as the backing created when I crop was the ticket for most of them. I have learned my lesson about cropping AFTER first checking for any inadvertent distorting I may have done. The split images were from pages done importing pdfs. I replaced them. I have some still giving me problems. I will tackle them tomorrow. Thanks for the assistance.
  3. I am still having difficulties with cursor placement and gaps in text. The previous fix you gave me does not work for this. Cursor does not insert where I am placing it. Even when I attempt to eliminate gaps by back spacing or highlight and deleting --no luck. Any clue? Thanks in advance.
  4. This casts more light. They are in fact 3 different issues. I will try again. Thank you.
  5. I highlighted the troublesome paragraph. Played with the "spacing " settings for the first time ever and it fixed the issue. THANK YOU !!! The phantom is gone!!!!
  6. Thank you. I appreciate the explanation, but I am baffled. Why is it working for you to shift/double click on the side handles and I get no change? I can make no sense of it.
  7. I'm sorry; I will have to plead ignorance . I don't know what you mean by an "Offset" and "restricted". Here is a screenshot showing the layers. I see no indication of an empty layer with text wrapping.
  8. The rescaling function does not work when I click on these previously cropped images. I have cropped different amounts off the sides of images as needed. It is rare that the cropping can be uniform. Any other ideas?
  9. My husband fixed this. It turned out that the "i" was attached to the FIRST sentence. Go figure that one. Thanks.
  10. I have nearly 60 pages of image layouts. The preflight has shown me that I have nearly as many images that will not rescale due to having been cropped or something called "curve" attached to the image. Any clue?
  11. I am feeling completely clueless. I could not get the fix to work on the original example. I moved over to another and still am getting no resolution of the scaling problem. What am I missing? This seems to happen with images I cropped AFTER loading into the Affinity Publisher. I assumed it would be no problem.
  12. I copied and pasted the paragraph to a word.docx. I do not see this roaming "i" in this. It is still in the Affinity document. Thanks! The first section of photos is courtesy of the Libby Hall Collection from the Bishop.docx
  13. I am guessing you want the file that is not working . Pages 1,25, 28 all have scaling issues that don't correct with the shift/double click process. Thanks PFC_2021_Final_Vintage_Gallery.afpub
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