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  1. I'd be wary of using someone else's artwork to try matching to your own. You don't know what processes it has gone through in prepress/preflight.
  2. My best advice would be to adjust your monitor to match one of the prints that doesn't match your expectations, adjust a file accordingly and test that
  3. True. A simple addition in the instructions.... Draw shape and hold.... Would make all the difference
  4. Could it be that your monitor needs to be calibrated? Try print a colour sample page outside of Affinity for reference We have a monitor on the office that never matches photo prints regardless of settings
  5. Thanks Gary I worked it out eventually last night. Many happy returns of the season
  6. Have you tried using PDF Passthrough instead? Saving the original PSD as PDF and placing it within the doc may be workaround
  7. Well spotted. And you even argued my point that there is a definite need for addenda to the workbooks both from and ecological point of view and recognition of loyalty. Thank you
  8. As above. Quick grid is not functioning for me. Followed video to the letter but pressing right arrow key only moves object drawn Just installed V2 and carried over references. Do I need to change something in my preferences??
  9. Hav Are you saving it in colour or greyscale? I often find pure grey comes out too dark in print
  10. Having just purchased all 3 Workbooks I am wondering what plans there are to provide updates either in electronic or physical format especially so as the books have cost more than the apps?
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