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  1. Hi, any quick easy fix for replacing skies in my photographs? (Would like to replace some washed-out skies with dramatic ones) in some landscape shots. If there is an existing tutorial/video, please point me to that link. All help appreciated. Thanks
  2. New to the software, just loving it. The learning-curve is as flat as a pancake!
  3. Thank you. That clarifies how I could use Affinity. Here's another query, If I use Lightroom as my DAM tool, can I make my modifications/adjustments within Affinity, and round-trip the image back into Lightroom? (ie. use it as an external editor within Lightroom?)
  4. I'm looking to replace Lightroom - it just isn't intuitive enough for me, and Aperture isn't around anymore. However, I DO need the replacement to provide an image management capability within the workflow so I can break up various projects by date, job, location etc. Can Affinity Photo provide this? I've looked through the forums and haven't found an answer for that. Thanks in advance...
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